I love discovering technology like this! It’s the reason I run this site, share news with you and provide hands-on reviews of devices that can improve our travels, how and where ever that may be!  If trekking, hiking, skiing and festivals are your thing, then so will the LynQ be!





LynQ Location Tracker

The LynQ is a peer-to-peer location tracker that helps you stay aware of where your travel companions are when in the great outdoors and become separated.  But here’s the good news…… it doesn’t rely on a Cell network, it’s not dependant on a smart phone and its one button operation is easy enough for the kids to use!






This “sat nav” for humans has no map, or directions, instead it will guide you to another synced LynQ device simply by pointing you the right way!  The circular display represents the 360° around you.  A black dot appears somewhere on the circle to indicate where your companion, and LynQ user is.

You then head off in that direction, ideally keeping the black dot on the top of the screen which represents the area directly in front of you.  The dial will then count down the distance between you and the dot grows to become a line around the edge as you get closer! Just like a digital compass.

As with many other similar trackers, the LynQ sets itself apart by not using Cell networks which means no SIM card or monthly subscription fees!  Instead the device uses algorithms that utilise GPS and long-range, low power radio communication with a custom antenna.




This provides a range of around 3 miles/5km of coverage with clear skies!  And larger groups of users will not be an issue as you can sync up to 12 LynQ devices with your own device.  Then with a single click of the button the device will scroll through each person and show you their whereabouts and distance from you.

The device itself has been made to survive in the outdoors.  The edge of the unit is wrapped in a textured rubber to provide grip and will protect it from any drops.  The lower half acts as a built-in carabiner clip so attaching it to clothing, luggage or even a pet will be simple enough to do.

Thanks to its IPX7 rating the LynQ is water-resistant in depths of up to 1m for a duration of no longer than 30mins.  So a sudden downpour or an unexpected river crossing won’t affect it!




The software on the LynQ also gives you some flexibility on how your group uses the device.  You can program a meeting, or home, point for an agreed rendezvous or set up a safe zone with alerts!



Although the prototype images do show a selection of colour options the LynQ will begin life in white only, but hopefully we’ll see more choices soon!

  • Dimensions – 10 x 5 x 2.5 cm
  • Weight – 73g
  • Colour – White Only
  • Up To 12 Person Tracking Capability
  • IPX7 Water-Resistant




The LynQ Location Tracker has just started its crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

At the time of being published the best rate for a twin pack is $154+shipping ($77 per LynQ).  And the ‘per device’ rate improves with the more you purchase!

Shipping for US backers is due to begin in November 2018 and the rest of the world can expect to receive the device from February 2019 onwards.



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