As the holiday season approaches for many of us, there is one expense that usually sneaks up and ruins your holiday memories once you get home.  Data roaming fees!  In this connected world most of us still want to get online and share new experiences, when we should be offline and enjoying them.

So how can we travel the globe and stay connected without the large roaming charges or the need to constantly swap over sim cards?





Flexiroam X Microchip SIM

The Flexiroam X is a microchip sticker that you apply to your existing SIM card.  Then when you travel outside of your home country, via the app, you switch to their network and roam freely.





Flexiroam have removed the need for buying, and installing, a local SIM for every country you visit by fitting their microchip on to an ultra thin sticker that is placed on top of your current card.

Once installed, you download the free smart phone app that works on both Android and iOS to activate it.




The microchip sticker comes free when you purchase any starter data pack.  These range from 1GB up to 7GB and are valid for 1 year.  Once this has been used Flexiroam offer a tiered Pay-As-You-Go structure to help you purchase just the right amount of data you need for each trip, or top up by just a small amount if needed.  Offering this level of flexibility helps travellers to always be connected without the need for large plans or losing unused data.

All of which can be purchased directly through the App where you can also manage your usage and gain support.  Once you have purchased your data plan you need to switch over to the Flexiroam network.  This means you’ll not be able to make and receive calls on your home SIM card, but you can do via Whatsapp/Skype etc over your Flexiroam data connection.

There are hundreds of countries covered by Flexiroam of which 120 have 3G speeds and 56 of those can also achieve 4G connectivity.  The full list, and supported connection speeds can be viewed on the Flexiroam site before you purchase/travel.




A point to note is that the microchip does not collect or store any of your information.  So once you have installed it to your home SIM it can remain there until you next travel abroad.  Just remember to top-up in advance and switch to the Flexiroam network once you arrive!




For something as small and slim as a sticker, the Flexiroam X microchip is a great way to stay connected without having to swap out your normal SIM and worry about losing it while travelling!

  • Ultra Slim Microchip Sticker
  • Global Data Roaming across 6 Continents & 100s of Countries
  • 3G & 4G Connectivity
  • No impact to Home Data Plan
  • Works with WiFi to Save on your Roaming Data





To begin with Flexiroam you must first purchase a Starter Pack.  These begin at $29 for the 1GB and rise to $199 for the 7GB.

From there you can top up on a Pay-As-You-Go basis and get discounted pricing with advanced purchases.  Refer to the Flexiroam Pricing Pack for all the deals.



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