Whether it is On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear, wired or wireless; the rule of thumb, with headphones at least, is you get what you pay for!  With that in mind, I was not expecting much when the Brainwavz Wired Earbuds landed on my desk to be reviewed.  Sometimes, being wrong can be a pleasant surprise!





Brainwavz Delta Earbuds

These metal encased earbuds have a premium look and feel but with an entry-level price tag, how do the Brainwavz Deltas perform where it really matters; in your ears!






The audio quality from these earbuds is surprisingly crisp and clear!  Different headphones perform differently depending on the type of music you use them for.  I’ve swapped out my usual headphones for the Brainwavz Deltas over the last couple of weeks.  My staple travelling music tends to be  rock or one of many of the podcasts I like to consume.  Then there are the conference calls.  Lots of them!  All of which these Earbuds performed very well.


“The Delta are an all-metal earphone, tuned to deliver perfect audio for all genres of music. The award winning DeltaIEM deliver refined sound and clarity whether used for music, video or audio calls – the perfect all round replacement for stock earphones.” ~ Brainwavz


Whether they were plugged into a smart phone, tablet or laptop the volume and playback was better than expected.  Even when doing exercise, the bass sounded good enough for me.  But any music with big deep bass may feel they are lacking in this area, for most though they will perform fine!

The build quality of the Delta earbuds is great for the price you are paying.  The red finish on the metal casing looks stylish and in the hand, they have a premium feel to them.  The rubber seal around the earbuds and on-line mic/controls are well protected so I wouldn’t expect the cable to be snapping at the stress points any time soon!




My biggest surprise though, was not a well performing set of earbuds, but the overall package.  For your money, not only do you get the Delta Earbuds but a hard-shell carry case, shirt clip, velcro strap, three different sizes of ear tips and a set of Comply T-400 foam noise isolating tips!

The Comply tips really made a difference in noisy environments.  I commute on the London Tube network most days and swapping out the soft rubber tips for the foam comply ones help to remove most of the background noise even when I was listening to a podcast, which often have much les constant sound, such as music.

The hard-shell case is useful for any traveller.  Along with the Delta earbuds I was able to fit my 2,200 Battery Pack, headphone converter and all the ear tips!






The Brainwavz Delta earbuds come in a choice of Black, Silver or Red.

  • All Metal Housing
  • On Line 3 Button Mic/Volume Controls
  • Weight – 13g
  • Support Android and Apple Devices
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Connection
  • 1.3m Y-Cord Cable
  • 24 Month Warranty





Brainwavz Noise Isolating Earbuds Price

It might be hard to believe but the Brainwavz Delta Earbuds are £22 from Amazon UK and $23 from Amazon US.



In Summary

I found the sound quality of the Brainwavz Deltas to be very good for what is, a budget-level pair of earbuds.  I mostly listen to rock music & podcasts, both of which came across well and the sound quality remained even during my daily commute on the train.

I often struggle with earbuds staying in, but the medium rubber and foam isolating tips both sat well in my ear and didn’t fall out when jogging.

The overall package, including the hard shell case, range of tips and fastenings make the Brainwavz Deltas, arguably, the best value Isolating Earbuds at this price range, and ones I will be packing for all of my travels.

For less than £30, you will not find a better performing pair of earbuds and accessories!



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