During #CES2017, the Link from Fasetto was one of the highlights of the show for me.  Their personal cloud, or NAS device, was a great solution for data storage on the go, especially for family travel.  Keeping all the movies, music and images centrally and keeping device memory free.  Now the team are back with another small device that will have a huge impact on business travellers and road warriors!




Forum – The Smart Meeting Hub

When someone delivers a presentation at work, it is often from an entry-level projector in a brightly lit room on to a dirty whiteboard!  And that’s only if you have the correct laptop port and/or dongle to even connect to the projector in question!  Then you just need to pull your audience away from their laptop, tablet, phone screens to deliver the pitch you’ve travelled all that way for!

Fasetto have the answer to all of this with the Forum!




Forum Features

The Forum is a tiny dual-band WiFi hub that can stream your presentation to ANY  WiFi enabled device in your meeting room!  With no need for additional cables, dongles or an app to download, the Forum really is a one size fits all meeting solution.

It works by creating its own WiFi network that each participant can connect to within the room.  This is not an ‘over the internet’ solution, but a piece of technology that empowers you to put your presentation on to the screens of everyone present so they can follow along more easily and be more engaged.

For business users that is a hugely powerful tool! To utilise the screens of meeting members rather than a dull projection.  No cables, dongles or printed handouts needed!  And the real beauty is it is not restricted to any device or software; Android, Apple, Windows, Amazon etc it works with all of them, straight away.




It doesn’t just stop at sharing your presentation, the Forum allows for 2-way connectivity.  Participants can download your presentation or accompanying files if required.  They can even interact with you and your presentation by submitting questions on-screen or providing contact information.  All from their own devices!




Forum Specifications

The Forum is a great solution for anyone that gives presentations at different locations on a regular basis.  The two-way functionality is useful but I would be wary of sharing files from relatively unknown sources as the Forum operates its own WiFi network, so bypasses any enterprise security!  But this is true of any external source.  The device itself has 2048-bit encryption.

  • Dimensions – 49.9 x 63.5 x 7.8mm
  • Weight – 31.2g
  • MicroSD Slot for expandable storage
  • Connectivity – WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
  • Hosts up to 25 Devices
  • Bespoke App for Owner/Presenter



How Much does the Forum Cost?

Fasetto have launched the Forum on Indiegogo.

At the time of writing there are still Forum Hubs available at the early bird special price of $199 + shipping.



Connect with Fasetto



Fasetto Forum Demo Video