Last week in Los Angeles, the computer gaming world gathered for the E3 event.  Although the main focus was on the games and software, there is a growing market for the latest hardware and E3 can be used as a platform for such launches.

Lenovo, this year, announced a plethora of new machines, including three new laptop models, that will keep even the most keenest of gamers connected when travelling!





New Lenovo Legion Laptops

Not so long ago in the early 2000’s I was a proud ‘gamer’, be it console, handheld or PC, I’d play it.  For anyone wanting to use the PC option, you’d ideally want/need a custom-made Tower PC to constantly upgrade the graphics card and add more RAM, always more RAM.

There were a few gaming laptops on the market but they weighed as much as the desktop PCs and exGamers from around my age (late 30s *cough*) will share similar memories!  Fast forward to today and these new models from Lenovo look, not only incredibly sleek, but a similar size to any other on the market!

So if you travel, like to game, but still need a laptop for work these might just be the answer!



Lenovo have gone back to the drawing board and crafted these laptops from the ground up.  With all three being slimmer and lighter than previous models, whist housing an all new cooling system.

Previous gaming laptops used to be big and chunky, in part, because of the need to disperse the heat, so naturally cooling was a big part of the design.  On both the Y530 & Y730 models there are 2 fans, one either side to suck air in.  Then the hot air is sent out via the extended rear vent.

This new system provides 15% better heat management and a reduction in noise!


Lenovo Legion Y530

The Y530 is the all-rounder model.  Keeping within budget for most seeking a mid to top range laptop, or a need for power to work but want a platform to game. Properly!  This, Lenovo claims, is the model for the ‘Avid Gamer’. The tag line for the Legion range is “Stylish on the Outside, Savage on the Inside”.

This model has a 15.6″ FHD IPS display with near bezel-less edges.  This is meant to enhance the viewing experience with an edge to edge picture, but does mean the camera is moved to the bottom of the display!

The gaming experience is further enhanced with a white backlit super responsive keyboard built with gaming in mind and Harman Speakers supporting Dolby Audio.




The base model has an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-8300H Processor and a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 graphics card which will deliver a great gaming experience.  But, with enough space for up to 32GB DDR4 RAM and Windows 10 Home edition; the Y530 is the perfect laptop for work and play!


“Stylish on the Outside, Savage on the Inside!” ~ Lenovo



Lenovo Legion Y730 (15-17″)

If, however, you consider yourself more than just an avid gamer and expect as near to your home gaming experience as possible, then either of the Y730 laptops could be for you!


Lenovo Legion Y730 17″ Model


The Y730 comes in either a 15″ or 17″ display size, with the larger also packing a  4-cell battery over the smaller models 3-cell.  But the big talking point will be the best in class RGB backlit keyboard.

Dedicated gamers prefer this style of keyboard so they can customise it for each game they play.  Lenovo have gone big on this fact and delivered an RGB keyboard with Corsair® iCUE lighting effect which can provide over 16 million colour combinations!

The Y730 also offers an improved audio experience over the Y530 thanks to the inclusion of the Dolby Atmos® Speaker System specifically designed for gaming.


Lenovo Legion Y730 15″ Model


Inside, the same Intel Processor options as the Y530 are available as a base or upgrade but the graphics card gets a boost up to the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti; 4 GB DDR5.


Lenovo Legion Y-Series Specifications

From someone who really has a huge gripe about having to buy a selection of dongles at present, the large array of ports on all three models means you will be covered for any situation!  Lenovo have gone to great design lengths to style these laptops so they would not be out-of-place in the office yet still offer a nod to their gaming heritage!






Lenovo Legion Y-Series Pricing

The Lenovo Legion Y530 will start at $929.99 from June 2018.

The Lenovo Legion Y730 15″ model will start at $1,179.99 and the 17″ model from $1249.99, both from September 2018.

All three will be on sale at


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Video: Lenovo Legion Y730 & Y530 Laptop Tour