Nearly two years after I covered the LugLoc, arguably one of the best luggage tracking devices on the market, the same team are back with a new device.

Making the most of their experiences of bringing the LugLoc to market and, the now, newer technologies, the GEGO is destined to find much more than just your luggage!



GEGO Universal Tracker

What will make the GEGO an attractive investment for frequent travellers is its ability to be much more than only a luggage tracker.  Where the LugLoc was only a 2G connected device, the GEGO moves up to 3G and brings with it many of the popular features usually found on the Bluetooth trackers!




The inclusion of 3G in the GEGO over the older 2G in the LugLoc greatly improves, not only the coverage in any country on 3G but also the amount of supported countries.  With 2G being slowly phased out and 3G widely available this is a needed step forward.

As a luggage tracker, the same useful features remain such as inflight power down for safety and to conserve power. A 30 day battery life from a single full charge and improved indoor coverage via WiFi network detection.


“GEGO combines GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth technology. We connect with your GEGO device through GSM or Cell-Tower Connected Technology to ask its location, anywhere in the world. The device then combines Cell Towers and WIFI hotspots triangulation to determine its location,  making it more reliable indoors than GPS, due to an unstable or weak connection to GPS satellites in the sky.”




A free to download app (Android | Apple) is at the heart of all the functions delivered by the GEGO.  By connecting to the device over 3G you can be sure your luggage makes it on to your aircraft before take off, and then keep an eye on it as your bags make their way back to you on arrival!

With GPS positioning, the on-screen map can pinpoint exactly where your luggage is, or last had a connection.  GEGO comes with it’s own SIM card so it can be located virtually everywhere at all times.  This does come with a monthly/annual fee.

But fear not! The GEGO still works as a Bluetooth tracker when not covered by an active service plan.  This, of course has the usual restrictions other Bluetooth trackers have such as c.200ft reach.  The app helps extend this service with options such as ‘Safe Zones’ where by your phone notifies you when the device leaves a preset area.  Or have it send a notification to your smartphone if you walk away from the GEGO.





The thickness of the GEGO makes it fairly bulky as a standalone Bluetooth tracker!  But to have one device that can deliver market leading global tracking and revert back to a standalone Bluetooth device for day-to-day use, that’s a small sacrifice!

The orignal device was a great success and was partnered with luggage brands such as Delsey, Neìt, Samsonite and many more.

  • Dimensions – 3.5 x 2.16 inches (thickness not confirmed)
  • Weight – TBC
  • Connectivity – 2G/3G/WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Support for 190 Countries
  • IATA, FAA, TSA Compliant


How Much Does he GEGO Tracker Cost?

The GEGO tracker costs $99.95 direct from GEGO.  As mentioned, a service plan is needed for all the features to work and that is priced at $7.95 a month on a monthly rolling basis.

Shipping  in the U.S. is free. There are additional fees for international shipping of which the following countries are able to purchase: Australia, Switzerland, Canada, the U.K, and Germany.


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