Last year I previewed the Zendure Passport Classic, a one-size-fits-all travel adapter with an automatic resetting fuse.  Then, I met the team during #CES2018 in Las Vegas and had a great chat about the Passport Classic and the soon to be launched X6 Power Bank.  Both products really impressed me and could be considered as ‘must have’ items for any frequent travellers!

This week Zendure have launched their next installment of power delivery devices for travellers, the Passport Pro!




Zendure Passport Pro

This time around, Zendure have made some significant changes over the original including a one push resetting fuse and claim to be one of the worlds first grounded travel adapters.

But is change always good?




The big draw for the Passport Classic was the auto-resetting fuse.  If there was a power surge, the Classic would trip the fuse to protect your devices and then reset itself 60 seconds later.

There must have been plenty of customer feedback as the auto mechanism is now replaced with a one push button to reset the fuse.  Which is great during the day, but what happens after a power surge at night?

Safety is at the heart of the Passport Pro.  It can transform into 4 different plugs and each one now has a ground connection.   A grounding wire gives any irregular electrical current a path away from your devices, or yourself, and disperses it to the ground.


“Passport Pro is compliant with national and international regulations and standards. It is the first travel adaptor which achieves both IEC60884-2-5 Certification and BS8546 Certification.” ~ Zendure.





Overall, the Pro is 16% smaller than the Classic despite the additional safety measures and new push button reset mechanism, but there is one obvious design difference; the additional plug-in adapter.

This stand-alone EU to World Adapter is removed from the main Pro and used in any EU country.  Zendure have had to design the Pro with this additional adapter so it can pass the IEC-60884-2-5 safety certification for AC (plug) devices.  This may not be desirable for some, but as someone who puts safety first, it works for me!

The four press and slide buttons of the Classic are reduced down to 3 now due to the EU adapter.  These had a very smooth glide and feel about them when in use on the Classic so I do hope the same mechanism is used on the Pro.

And finally there is a welcome return to the baby-proof shield that is built-in.  All of the slots have a visible blue shield over them, and that can only retract when both sides are pushed in, just as would happen when you insert a plug!




If you would prefer to charge via USB the Passport Pro has four USB ports.  The first three are standard USB-A and the fourth is a Quick Charging USB-C port.



This is a big upgrade from the Classic.  The size has reduced and higher safety standards have been met.  The removable EU adapter might put some off, but any regular traveller will always put an emphasis on good technology, especially where keeping their devices powered is concerned!

  • Dimensions – 68 x 49 x 66mm
  • Weight – 195g
  • 3 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C
  • Quick Charge USB-C port
  • 24 Month Global Warranty




How Much Does the Zendure Passport Pro Cost?

When it goes on general sale the Zendure Passport Pro will retail for around $98.

However, it has just been launched on Kickstarter where the current round of pledges means you can pick up a Zendure Passport Pro for $35 with global shipping, which is expected to begin in October 2018.


And just to prove I sometimes put my money where my mouth is, I was the 8th backer of the Passport Pro during its first round of early bird pricing!!  So you can expect a more personal review instead of the normal hands-on style in the coming months.


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Zendure Passport Pro Launch Video