IFA 2018 has come to an end, but during the week we saw some huge product launches and amazing new tech!  Although the big focus this year was on 8k televisions and Smart Homes, the Travel Tech market had some very impressive and important new devices.

IFA Berlin Entrance 2018.
IFA Entrance 2018


XPLORA 3S Kids Smartwatch

We all know the wearables market is growing rapidly in the adult sector, but not far behind are devices for kids.  Most wearable devices are used either as fitness trackers or full on smart watches for app access, wireless payments and the usual health measurements.

But for kids the primary purpose is safety, and when travelling, this new breed of child friendly wearables can be a comforting peace of mind for parents.  With this thought close to my own personal life I was eager to see the new offering from XPLORA.


The XPLORA 3S in front of the older Original XPLORA.
XPLORA 3S on display at #IFA2018.


Building on the success of the original XPLORA, the 3S comes with some upgrades that not only make this a great device for family holidays, but improves functionality and adds some fun; making it more desirable for kids to use!

The big news from the IFA launch is that the new 3S is fully water-proof and works when submerged or during pool time. With an IP67 rating it is not suitable for diving but will work at depths of up to 1.5m and recommended that it should not stay submerged in water for longer than 30 minutes at a time.


Xplora 3S IFA Berlin display
The XPLORA 3S has an easy to read bright display.


Along with being able to stay on while in the pool, the 3S can now take photographs and store them! I can understand this being a questionable inclusion for a kids smart watch, but the images can only be shared with the 12 ‘Safe’ numbers the parent/guardian has configured the watch to communicate with.

This gives the 3S a more interactive experience with your children and could prompt an interest in a new hobby!


Xplora 3S Range. Blue or Pink.
The XPLORA 3S is available in Blue or Pink.


Finally, there has been some software tweaks to make the 3S a more user-friendly experience for kids.  There is even a step counter to help keep your child active!

I had a short time to try both the smartphone app (Android | Apple) and the new 3S while at #IFA2018.  The display on the 3S was clear and bright to use, and navigation was easy even with my fat fingers!  I could even call one of the two devices that were submerged in a tank of water.


Xplora 3S underwater at IFA 2018
The XPLORA 3S is now waterproof for 30mins in depths up to 1.5m.


If you have not heard of XPLORA before they are a fairly new Norwegian company with offices in Germany, Norway and the UK.


“XPLORA is a leading pioneer in offering innovative smart devices and services for families. Our vision is to provide quality services connecting the family members in new ways with more interactions and engagement.

XPLORA kids watch service is revolutionizing the way that kids can be introduced to the mobile world in a more safe and secure way. The service lets kids be kids, so parents can let them play, confident that they always know where they are, and they can reach them when they need to.” ~ XPLORA


The Original and 3S XPLORA are both smart watches with send/receive voice call functionally and GPS tracking.  Fully controlled by the XPLORA parental App, parents/guardians can retain full access to the childs smart watch and who they can make contact with.

The GPS tracking gives parents that insurance policy if they become separated from their child.


How Much is the XPLORA 3S?

At time of going to press I had no firm price for either the device or SIM plan.  It is confirmed the XPLORA 3S will be released for sale in late September into the European market.

Alternatively, the Original XPLORA is readily available direct from myxplora starting from £99 for the device and £4.99 per month.  Or you can find it on Amazon starting at £149.


XPLORA Original next to the new 3S.
The XPLORA Original is an alternative to the newer 3S and has not been replaced!


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