Keeping the connected traveller ‘connected’ usually involves portable power.  Such is the significance of power banks these days, many luggage brands build them (or at least the cabling) into their products, airlines have restrictions on the capacity and the market is packed full of options!

NexX Swift One Power Bank
NexX Swift One Power Bank // Image NexX

Swift One USB-C Power Bank

With so many of our devices needing to be powered throughout the day, as travellers, we require something light enough to carry, yet big enough (in capacity) to keep items charged!

NexX is a start-up company, currently seeking support on Indiegogo for their very slick-looking and powerful new device, the Swift One.

Deep Blue Swift One
The crafted aluminum alloy shell in Deep Blue. // Image NexX



The big focus here is the elegant styling that hides away a very powerful and multifunctional power bank.  The aluminum body looks great in either of the two colour options, Infinite Gray or Deep Blue.  But it’s whats inside that counts!

Firstly, the Swift One is accepted on commercial aircraft.  Some power banks are not!  The common rule is that any power bank over 27,027mAh needs approval from your airline before boarding.  Any device over 43,243mAh is not allowed on board.  Any below 27,027mAh are fine.

Swift One charging Apple Watch.
Swift+ port can power smaller devices. // Image NexX


With that said, many manufacturers will be sure to come in under this limit, so what is it they need to do to set themselves apart from the competition?  Well, multiple charges per device along with the capability to charge several devices at the same time is a good start, and one NexX has gone all in on!

“…if the Swift One can deliver on these quoted charge times, it will soon become a companion for many travellers!” ~ {Tech} for Travel.

The Swift One has 3 charging ports; 1 x Quick Charge, 1 x USB-C Power Delivery, 1 x Swift+ USB. 

Swift One can keep 3 devices charged at the same time.
Charge 3 devices at the same time. // Image NexX


The different charge ports provide you with cover for all of your devices.  From your Smartwatch or bluetooth headphone in the 12w Swift+ port up to the latest USB-C charged laptops, nearly every device is covered.

A single, fully charged Swift One can recharge the latest Smartphones up to 9 times or deliver a full charge to a MacBook Pro.





The NexX Swift One has a premium look and styling.  So much so that it really should ship with a protective pouch.  But if the Swift One can deliver on these quoted charge times, it will soon become a companion for many travellers!

  • Dimensions – 160 x 76 x 23mm
  • Weight – 422g
  • 20,100mAh Capacity
  • Colour Options – Deep Blue or Infinite Gray
  • 3 Hour Recharge
  • Battery Life 500+ cycles


“NexX is a small and dedicated team whose skill set spans electronic engineering, computer science, and industrial design. Together we strive to create innovative solutions that make our modern lives simpler and convenient. The Swift One is our flagship product that we believe represents a step change for the portable charging market… Power your Adventures! ~ NexX


Charge on the go with the Swift One.
Charge on the go with the Swift One. // Image NexX


How Much Does the Swift One Cost?

The NexX Swift One is currently being funded on Indiegogo where you can pick up the Power Bank for £60/$79 + Shipping (Free to US addresses).  At present the target date for shipments is December 2018.


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