I’m a huge fan of iOgrapher cases and not just for the hardware, but due to the huge amount of free content and tutorials they produce to help us all get bet video from our smart phones.

However, I discovered an issue in March when I decided to replace my iPhone for the Moto Z2 Force.  My iOgrapher case was purpose-built for that iPhone model and the rest of their products only served Apple handsets! I went back to handheld video mode 😦

Thankfully, iOgrapher have now addressed this with the launch of the Multi Case for Smart Phones.

iOgrapher Multi Case in use.
iOgrapher Multi Case for Smart Phones. // Image iOgrapher.


iOgrapher Multi Case

In good news for Android owners, the new Multi Case will not only fit their devices, but means we can all keep our protective cases on when using it!

Front and back view of iOgrapher Multi case.
Same great features, but now for everyone! // Image iOgrapher


What sets this case apart from previous versions is the two spring-loaded bumpers.  Where as before iOgrapher provided a perfect (and very secure) fit for each device, it also meant the case was not easily transferable between to many other devices.

Now, iOgrapher can provide one case for nearly every current device on the market, as the bumpers adjust to the length and width of your device, whilst the corner lips at the other end control the depth.  Giving your smart phone just as much security and hold as the previous versions.

And thanks to this flexibility, in most instances, users can also keep their protective cases on their smart phones while using the iOgrapher!

I was lucky enough to briefly meet some of the team during #MojoFest2018 in Galway, where they had a prototype of the Multi Case.  I was really impressed with it then, and the images shared here look nearly identical to the prototype, which is great news.

iOgrapher on tripod with light and mic.
Attach external Mic’s and lighting to improve your video content. // Image iOgrapher.

On the edges of the Multi Case you’ll find the usual mounts to attach external lights, mics and tripods.  You can even get inventive by purchasing a cold shoe mount extension and place a GoPro on top of the Multi Case for a different camera angle!

On either side there is a handle to provide better stability during filming if not on a tripod.

The {tech} for Travel iOgrapher case during #MWC2018.
The {Tech} for Travel iOgrapher case during #MWC2018. // Image {Tech} for Travel.



I’m delighted to see iOgrapher expand in to the Android market.  I’ve learned a lot from Dave, the founder of iOgrapher, his book and the content the team at iOgrapher share on their channels.

If you want to make the most of your travel videos, hardware such as the iOgrapher, mics and lights will all enhance your efforts.  For travel bloggers, it’s essential!

  • Dimensions – 330 x 127 x 25.4 mm
  • 2 x Cold Shoe Mounts
  • 3 x 1/4 20″ Tripod Screw Mounts
  • Minimum Phone Size
    • 5.5 x 2.25″
  • Maximum Phone Size
    • 6.5 x 3.38″
  • Phones Tested –
    • iPhone 6,7,8,6P,7P,8P,X,X MAX | Google Pixel 2 XL | Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | Samsung Galaxy S7,S8,S9,S9 Plus | LG V20 | Motorola Z Force Droid


How Much does the iOgrapher Multi Case Cost?

The iOgrapher Multi case is $79.99 direct from iOgrapher.  You can pre-order now with deliveries due before Xmas.


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