Sadly, many hotel chains are now locking down their in-room TV’s as they are more connected and run from a central network. However, with the rise of AirBnB and self serviced appartements there is still plenty of reasons why you would want to have a media streaming device in your luggage for travel.

Google Chromecast being plugged in.
Google Chromecast 2018. // Image Google.

Google Chromecast 2018

Last week Google announced a range of new hardware, some of which will be covered shortly, however the one I will cover first is the newest iteration of their popular streaming device, the Chromecast!

A Slick looking exerior and flexible cable for ease of use.
A Slick looking exterior and flexible cable for ease of use. // Image Google.


With the exception of the outdoor explorers, a media streaming device such as the Chromecast can be useful for any type of traveller.  Have young kids with you? Stream their favorite cartoons from YouTube or Netflix!  Travelling on business? Plug a Chromecast into a compatible HDMI display and stream presentations, documents and saved video to your audience.

Even if you’re not wanting to watch anything, plug-in your Chromecast and use the TV to play your stored music and playlists.  And, to make operating even easier your Smartphone can be used as a remote control whilst you are streaming!

Alternatively, the new Chromecast makes use of Google Assistant so it can now be fully controlled by your voice commands!

Google Chromecast in Chalk
Google Chromecast in Chalk; to pretty to be hidden away! // Image Google.

The new 2018 model has had a small power boost to improve overall performance compared to the 2015 model.  Otherwise the main change is purely as a cosmetic one to the shell.  The puck shaped dongle does look good though, even if it will spend most of its time behind a monitor or TV display!

App logos
Apps galore! // Image Google.

But, if you can do it on your smartphone, you can ‘cast’ it to your TV.  There are currently 2000+ supported apps and the full list can be found on the Google Chromecast support page.

Google Chromecast 2018
Google Chromecast 2018. // Image Google.




With the Chromecast being a small palm-sized device, it is the perfect travel companion for those who want to take their media libraries with them.  For families, it can help control ‘screen time’ on tablets and help monitor when and what your children are watching.

  • Dimensions – 162 x 13.8mm
  • Weight – 39.7g
  • Colour Options – Chalk or Charcoal
  • Streams Up TO 1080p HD Content
  • HDMI Connection
  • Supports all Wireless networks
  • Micro USB Power Supply
  • Supports Android/iOS/Mac/Windows Operating Systems


How Much Does Google Chromecast Cost?

The 3rd Gen Google Chromecast 2018 is $35 direct from Best Buy.   For more deals and offers, follow Best Buy on Twitter.


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