Mobile photography, iPhoneography, ShotOnSamsung call it what you will, there is no denying smartphones killed of the ‘point and shoot’ camera and helped us all share our travel images with just a tap of a screen!

The New Ōlloclip Multi-Device with super wide lens attached.
The New Ōlloclip Multi-Device. // Image Ōlloclip.


Ōlloclip Multi-Device

Ōlloclip have been in the mobile photography business since 2011 but have always had a clear focus on Apple devices.  So it’s great to see their technology, knowledge and attention  encompass other smartphone manufacturers with their latest product, the Multi-Device.

Ōlloclip Multi-Device fits over 20 different Smartphones.
Ōlloclip Multi-Device fits over 20 different Smartphones. // Image Ōlloclip.



The Multi-Device is a lightweight clip that attaches to the main, and front facing, camera on a selection of smartphones.  Then you add a variety of the lenses from the Ōlloclip Connect X range.

Confirmed devices the Multi-Device fits include the Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9, Galaxy Note9, Google Pixel 2, iPhone 5-8 and the Huawei P20.  A full list of compatible smartphones is published on the Ōlloclip site.

The Connect X range of lenses have everything you could need to improve your mobile photography.  From wide, super wide and ultra wide options for better field of view to the macro 21x for super magnification.  All on your smartphone!

Ōlloclip Multi-Device w/lens.
Ōlloclip Multi-Device w/lens. // Image Ōlloclip.



If this is your first lens set for a Smartphone, you should visit the Ōlloclip YouTube Channel to get a better understanding of what each lens can do.  If still unsure the Ōlloclip FAQ Section should answer any other questions.

  • Supports 22 Different Smartphones
  • Fits over Slim cases
  • Safe to use with Screen Protectors
  • Works with Ōlloclip Connect X Lenses
  • Black Colour Only


How Much Does the Ōlloclip Multi-Device Cost?

The Multi-Device is just £16.99 when purchased on its own.  Ōlloclip have a range of device+lens packages including:

All sets come with the Multi-Device included and are on sale direct from Ōlloclip.

Ōlloclip now fits multiple smartphones.
Ōlloclip now fits multiple smartphones. // Image Ōlloclip.


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