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{Tech} for Travel is a news & review platform for travellers, covering Apps, Gadgets, Smart Luggage and Tech.

From road warriors to weekend getaways. From backpacking to family holidays. On a budget to luxury all the way. When you have a passion for travel, the technology you pack and use along the way all serve a purpose.

This site provides independent hands-on reviews on tested products alongside news releases for new products as they’re announced.

About the Editor

Tom Payne is the creator and editor of {Tech} for Travel. Founded in 2015, {Tech} for Travel is a collaboration of his favourite interests; travel and the technology we rely on as we traverse the globe.

Whether it be the daily commute, a business trip, the annual family holiday or a gap year, Tom ensures {Tech} for Travel provides independent reviews and the latest news on the gadgets that help people travel!

Tom is based in London, UK and spends a significant amount of time travelling in Europe and across North America, often with a backpack full of the latest consumer technology for testing!


In January 2019, {Tech} for Travel joined the BoardingArea network. Founded by Randy Petersen, the BoardingArea network unites some of the most knowledgable and informed bloggers under one banner.

For more than 25 years, we have been providing news, information and advice for frequent flyers. Our goal has always been to provide frequent travelers with the information needed to make the most of their travel.

Randy Petersen, Founder BoardingArea

BoadingArea is for all types of travellers, from the frequent flier to those who take one trip a year. With a focus on maximising loyalty points and making the most of every trip you take.

If you are interested in how you travel as much as your destination, then BoardingArea can help elevate your trips.

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