Tech for Travel refers to the use of technology to enhance the travel experience. This ranges from consumer electronics to topics like mobile apps for booking flights and hotels, virtual reality for destination research, the latest carry-on & smart luggage, and GPS navigation for getting around once you’ve arrived at your destination. Other examples of {Tech} for travel include:

  • Online travel agencies
  • Flight tracking apps
  • Online reviews of hotels and restaurants
  • Augmented reality for city guides and maps
  • Contactless payments for transportation and activities
  • Robotics for check-in and baggage handling
  • Biometric technology for security and immigration
  • Internet of things for smart hotel rooms
  • Artificial intelligence for personalized recommendations
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Drones for aerial photography and videography

Product Reviews

How to Contact Tech for Travel – Gadget reviews and hands-on time with products is the reason why travellers read and come back to {Tech} for Travel. All our reviews are independent, unbiased, written after using the product (not just based on press releases) and published across our social platforms.

Established and start-up brands that would like an independent review of their product and bespoke images taken and shared across social channels are welcome.  

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Bloggers & Content Creators

At {Tech} for Travel, we believe the digital era has opened up the content platform for everybody to make an impact and have a voice, something generally reserved for the major news outlets.

Here we enjoy sharing the good work of other bloggers and, where possible, collaborating to create content beneficial to both audiences. This can include but is not limited to reviews, press trips, in-flight or accommodation-based new technology and new app releases.

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