News: G-RO The SIX, a Carry-On Reinvented

New G-RO The SIX // Image G-RO.

G-RO The SIX Carry-On

After reworking the suitcase wheel, G-RO has now reinvented the Carry-On with The SIX.  No longer does a traveller need to pull or roll their case, now you can push it!

G-RO has always produced robust cases and the SIX is no different. This may not be “Smart” luggage but it is very, very clever!

The G-RO Unique Wheel & Handle designs // Image G-RO.


With the SIX, G-RO aims to change how we use Carry-On luggage.  The telescopic handle no longer comes up from the spine of the case, needing to be pulled or guided. 

This new design points the handle out at a 66º angle from the ground. With the handle now pointing at your torso, it’s easier to push along in front of you.

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The main handle is recessed at the corners into a special casing that protects the handle from impact. This revolutionary handle has passed a wide range of tests and meets or exceeds industry standards for strength, functionality, and durability.
~ G-RO

To allow for such a unique handle design, G-RO has had to create a throttle grip-bar and mechanism that can come apart.  This keeps the handle locked down until needed and split in half so the clam shell case can open up.

Split and Throttle Handle System // Image G-RO.

On the base the, now trademark, G-RO GravityRoll Axle-less oversized rear wheels are paired with two dual silent spinner wheels

The combination of the fixed rear wheels and spinner at the front mean you will be able to effortlessly push the SIX in front of you and manoeuvre with minimal effort.

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The exterior is completed with a side handle, TSA compliant lock and bumpers for when the case is placed on its spine.

More Room on the Inside

Inside, the SIX is kept simple to maximise on storage space.  The case has a 38L capacity which is achieved thanks to the telescopic handle and wheels all being on the outside. 

Sadly though, there is no internal pockets or pouches, just a mesh parting on the left side and elasticated support straps at both ends.

There will be a range of colourful optional wheel hubs // Image G-RO.


This very distinctive looking, and functioning, Carry-On will stand out at the airport, especially in the brilliant white finish.  Although, I think this colour option will show up any blemishes easily.

That said, I personally think the SIX could look even better in a blue or grey finish.

  • Dimensions – 14 x 22 x 9 inches
  • Weight – 4.3kg
  • Colour Options – Black or White
  • Capacity – 38L
  • TSA Approved Lock
  • Silent Spinner Wheels
  • Polycarbonate Shell
  • External Bumpers & Reinforcement Ribs for Protection
How Much does the G-RO The SIX Carry-On Cost?

As with their other cases, G-RO has turned to Kickstarter to fund and launch the SIX. 

At the time of writing, you can purchase the SIX Carry-On for $345.  The full retail price will eventually be $495.

For US-based orders, there is free shipping and additional fees for international shipping which are dependent on your location. 

G-RO aim to begin shipping the SIX in December 2019.

On the move, on any surface // Image G-RO.
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