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Amazon Spring Sale is On

Depending on where you’re based, the current Amazon Spring Sale might be called Easter Sale or may not even be running in your market. But, if it is, there are some fantastic deals on luggage and travel tech.

In the UK and Europe, the Sale is advertised on Amazon’s homepage, yet at the time of this article being published, I wasn’t seeing anything on the US Amazon homepage.

But taking a look in the US “Today’s Deals” section, there are just as many travel gadgets with comparable discounts.

This sale event runs from April 1st through April 13th across a wide range of products, not just travel Tech, with offers of up to 40% off. As always with Amazon sales, items are added and removed during the event, so you need to be quick or scan the upcoming deals section.

Amazon Spring Sale. {Tech} for Travel.

I’ve spent some time looking over the UK & US sites for the best deals.

There is still no reference to the Sale on; however, a look under Today’s Deals still shows some great offers, matching those in the UK and Europe.

The Amazon Spring sale runs until April 13th, with deals varying by market.

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