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Zendure Passport 3 review.

Zendure Passport 3 Review – USB-C and New Colour Options for a Travellers Best...

Zendure Passport 3 Review: With a move from USB-A to USB-C, Zendure has future-proofed its popular 65W global travel adapter and added a splash of colour.
New Zendure Travel adapter.

Review: Zendure Passport 2 Pro – The Most Complete Adapter Available for Travel

Hands-On Review: Zendure has really upped the game on the Passport 2 Pro. This is no longer just a travel adapter but an all-in-one global power plug.
a group of black and white cubes with blue and white ports

News: Zendure Passport GO Travel Adapter

The new Zendure Passport GO Travel Adapter is the company's third. The GO has GAN technology to deliver up to 30W of power via USB-C PD.
a close-up of a black and white cube

News: Zendure Passport Pro

As they begin their 4th crowdfunding campaign, Zendure are back with a big upgrade to 2017's very successful Passport Classic Travel Adapter.
a black wallet with a passport

Review: TUMI ID Lock Passport Case

The following review is part of the Back to Business special. TUMI ID Lock Passport Case There is one thing frequent business travellers all have in...
a blue and white logo

News: Miami Mobile App Takes on Passport Control

  Most of us, me included, live by our Smartphones. In fact with the exception of my passport, certain International visas and my driving licence,...
a black and white adapter

News: Zendure Passport – The Last Global Travel Adapter You’ll Ever Need!

  My biggest bugbear of international travel is having the correct power adapter or worse still, arriving in a country to discover you have brought the...
pink flowers on a white surface

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Travel-Savvy Mum

Coming up with the perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas can often feel like navigating through a maze of options, each promising to be the ideal choice.
a cell phone charging on a table. Satechi 145W Travel Charger

CES 2024: Power Up Anywhere with the Satechi 145W Travel Charger

CES 2024: Keeping all your devices powered up when travelling can be a challenge, but the new Satechi 145W Travel Charger has four USB-C ports.
Limited Edition TUMI | McLaren 60th Anniversary Collection

Limited Edition TUMI | McLaren 60th Anniversary Collection Stands Out for all the Right...

To celebrate McLaren's 60 years in the luxury car and motorsport world, a Limited Edition TUMI | McLaren 60th Anniversary Collection has been released for 2023.
Black Friday Special

Daily Travel Tech Deals: Ultimate Black Friday Special Travel Gadgets, Luggage & Apps

Black Friday Special edition with some of the biggest savings and deals on travel gadgets, luggage and apps for the connected traveller.
British Airways biometric tech. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk

British Airways Trials Biometric Tech for Smarter Travel

The new British Airways Biometric tech has made it the first airline in the UK to offer a smarter airport experience through new technologies.
TUMI McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection

TUMI McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection gets a Carbon Facelift

F1 teams can travel internationally for 30+ weeks in a year and require cases that can do the same. The TUMI McLaren 2022 Luggage Collection ensures they can.
a camera on a table

Zendure SuperMini Go Review: Get Charged, Anywhere, Anyhow

Zendure SuperMini Go Review: This is the portable wireless charger to travel with this year. Wireless or wired, it's perfect for almost every device.