Review: Zendure Passport 2 Pro – The Most Complete Adapter Available for Travel

New Zendure Passport 2 Pro travel adapter for Apple MacBook Pro 13". {Tech} for Travel.
New Passport 2 Pro Travel Adapter // Image Zendure.
✔️ Replaces your other chargers✘ No front facing LED charging light
✔️ Charge 6 devices simultaneously✘ No cables included
✔️ 61W PD USB-C for Laptop
✔️ Support for 200+ Countries
✔️ Auto-Resetting Fuse

{Tech} for Travel Says….
Hands-On Review: Zendure has really upped the game with the Passport 2 Pro. This is no longer just an international travel adapter but an all-in-one global power plug.

Leave your bulky notebook chargers at home and let Zendure power your travels in over 200 countries.

Zendure Travel adapters. {Tech} for Travel.
Passport 2 Pro w/ the Pro & Go // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Zendure Passport 2 Pro

As travellers devices demand more power, Zendure seems to rise to the challenge and ensure its latest products always meet these needs.

The evolution of the Passport range of travel adapters has seen a shift from the original Passport with the world first auto-resetting fuse and then onto the Pro with a removable EU Plug and grounded travel adapter.

Following on was the Passport GO which really paved the way with GaN Technology and a USB-C 30W port.

But, if the GO was the travel adapter for tablet only travellers, then the 2 Pro is for the masses of notebook travellers.


Unless your notebook is over 13″ in screen size, a gaming laptop or does not charge over USB-C the new Zendure Passport 2 Pro could be for you.

Charge your devices in over 200 countries // Image {Tech} for Travel.

With a new, maximum output 61W USB-C port, the Zendure Passport 2 Pro can replace your OEM power plug. And, if you’re a UK MacBook Pro 13″ owner, this is good news given the size of the Apple plugs.

GaN Technology has again been used to help deliver a better power output, but to also reduce the size. Overall Zendure claims a 20% reduction in size compared to the GO, however, the 2 Pro is a few grams heavier.

A small price to pay for the power it delivers though.

Utilizing aerospace technology, the auto-resetting fuse (patent pending) allows Passport II to recover from overloads without service or replacement up to 10,000 times.

Auto-Resetting Fuse

Although the 61W power delivery grabs the headline, it’s worth noting another important feature has also had a tweak.

The auto-resetting fuse cuts power off to your device/s in the event of a power surge. If like me, you leave everything charging overnight, you wouldn’t want to wake up and find out blown gadgets or that nothing had charged.

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With Zendure Auto-Resetting fuses, when a power surge happens it first cuts-off to protect your gadgets. Then within a minute re-engages to continue charging.

In the new Passport 2 Pro the fuse has been increased to 10 amps, previous adapters only had 6A.

Zendure Passport 2 Pro Travel adapter for Apple iPhone and MacBook Pro 13". {Tech} for Travel.
5 USB ports and a universal plug socket // Image {Tech} for Travel.

This boost should ensure the new Zendure travel adapter can handle anything you plug into it and use.

I should note at no point during the Zendure Passport 2 pro review did I suffer a power surge to test the claims, but when it happens I will make an edit.

Power Delivery

Zendure has listened to travellers and given us what we need the most, laptop support. With the 61W side-mounted USB-C port, I was able to fully charge a 13″ MacBook Pro in just over 2 hours.

By comparison, the Apple charger that came with the same laptop charges at the same rate. However, the Apple charger can’t handle another 5 devices!

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On the base are 3 x USB-A ports and a further USB-C to make 2 in total and 5 USB ports overall. There is a pinhole LED light to show the power is on, but it is hard to see when the adapter is plugged in.

I was surprised at the overall performance with the Passport 2 Pro, not just when I was using it as a replacement laptop charger, but when it was fully loaded.

Better than Expected Performance

Not only did the Zendure Passport 2 pro charge a MacBook Pro 13″ at the same speed as the Apple plug during this review, but it did so whilst topping up other devices.

Multi-functional Travel Adapter box contents. {Tech} for Travel.
In the Box Items // Image Zendure.

If anything, charging over the USB-A ports seemed slower, only due to the speed of the 61W port.

In a 4-hour period the Passport 2 Pro simultaneously fully charged up:

  • 4 hrs 10 min – 6,700mAh Power Bank
  • 3 hrs 56 min – Lenovo 10.1″ Yoga Smart Tab
  • 2 hrs 8 mins – Apple MacBook Pro 13″
Design & Use

The front-facing plug slots are all protected by a baby-safe shield which stops children sticking items into the socket when they shouldn’t. This doesn’t get in the way of normal use.

I’ve never had an issue with any of the sliders on previous Zendure travel adapters, but clearly others have and Zendure has addressed this.

Global Travel adapter for large power items. {Tech} for Travel.
Improved switches for single hand use // Image {Tech} for Travel.

There’s a noticeable improvement to the slide and glide of the side buttons compared to the Passport GO. They’re much smoother and don’t catch or stick as some other adapters do.

The new size and shape also works well for fitting into narrower spaces, but be warned. What the Passport 2 Pro has lost in width, it has gained a little in height.

Sadly, the UK was still under lockdown during the Zendure Passport 2 pro review, so it’s not been on the road as yet.

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However, the build quality is what we’ve come to expect of Zendure products. Solid and robust whilst maintaining a stylish finish.

I have no doubt that once my travel resumes, the Zendure Passport 2 Pro will provide me with all the power solutions I need. It already is in the office.

When I look at all the chargers I would otherwise normally take with me, travelling with a single Zendure Passport 2 Pro is giving me back plenty of space.

International Travel adapter for Apple MacBook Pro 13". {Tech} for Travel.
One device, over 200 countries supported // Image {Tech} for Travel.


With the same signature design, exceptional build quality but now with much more power, the new Zendure Passport 2 Pro really is a vital device to have when away from home.

Travellers will be thanking Zendure for the Passport 2 Pro when they next check-in to a hotel room with just that one power port, hidden behind a curtain in the corner of the room!

That said, given the chance the one thing I would change about the Passport 2 Pro is the colour options. I’d like it to come in Blue Horizon, to match the SuperMini, which would help it stand out so I don’t leave a hotel room without it!

Passport II Pro (2020)
Passport Pro (2018)
Dimensions (cm)7.4 x 4.9 x 5.46.5 x 5 x 6.9
Weight (g)172207
Colour Options⚫️……..Black
Ports3 x USB-A
1 x USB-C
1 x USB-C 61W PD
3 x USB-A
1 x USB-C QC
Fuse ResetAutomaticManual
GaN TechnologyYesNo

How Much Does the Zendure Passport 2 Pro Cost?

If you act fast you could pick up a new Zendure Passport 2 Pro for just $35/£28/€31 as it launches on Kickstarter.

Once the Kickstarter campaign has ended the normal retail price will be $69/£55/€61.

Even at the full sale price, the new Zendure Passport 2 Pro is a smarter purchase than trying to replace your laptops own brand charger should you lose or damage it!

// Media Zendure YouTube Channel.

Final Thoughts…

I no longer just review Zendure devices, I rely on them to power my own travels.

The Passport II Pro expands the Zendure range of power products for travellers and allows you to leave most, if not all, of your other plugs at home.

Thanks to the GaN technology, even when I was charging 6 devices, the Passport II Pro remained cool to the touch. Owners of larger USB-C powered notebooks might be hoping for 95W or more version sometime soon, as more of us move to the bigger more powerful machines.

As always the auto-resetting fuse is your first gadget insurance policy when away from home. It protects your valuable devices in the event of a power surge and then continues to charge once it’s reset.

If you use a USB-C notebook or a MacBook Pro 13″, the Zendure Passport 2 Pro is a must-have travel adapter!

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