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If you live in, or will be visiting, London, the ‘Tube’ is the best way to get around town.  You can pay for travel with your contactless bank card or the Transport for London (TfL) Oyster card.  This is a preloadable card which can have weekly, monthly or annual passes loaded to it or used on a Pay as You Go basis.


New TfL Oyster App

Although TfL are openly advertising the new App, it is far from a finished product.  In fact I use the tube every day and it does not have many features “live” enough to even write a review on!  So consider this just news, and once I see some updates I will attempt a review!



I’ve always struggled with the Oyster website, so any improvement on that is a welcome change.  This new app certainly looks as if that is the plan, but at the moment it is mostly a selection of clickable links that take you out of the app and into the relevant area of the TfL website!

Beat That Monday Morning Panic

There is one service running on the App, that many London commuters, or returning travellers will benefit from – Top Up!

Once you have registered your physical oyster card to the app you can see the balance, days remaining on any season tickets and even your journey history.  But the top up feature is the one most will benefit from.  You can save your debit/credit card details in the App and then apply credit when needed.



If you do rely on Oyster over contactless then it is worth the download just so you can manage your card with a bit more ease.

The App is free and available for Android and iOS devices.  I’ll run an in-depth review once TfL turn on all the features!

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