Apple Pay brings Express Mode To London Transport

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Apple Pay Express Mode

After launching in a select few countries Apple Pay has now enabled Express Mode in the UK for use on the London Transport Network.

This, Apple and Transport for London (TfL) hopes, will speed up queues at many London hubs as Express Mode removes the double-tap > authenticate action currently needed.

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What Does it Do?

Apple commuters using Pay on the London Public Transport system need to ‘wake up’ the Wallet. Then authenticate for the transaction to happen.

This can cause delays at major hubs during peak travel periods. The response from Apple is Express Mode.

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To get started you must first indicate which card in your Apple Wallet you want to be used as your “Transit Card’.

Apple has published instructions for how to do this for both iPhone and Watch.

Paying for journeys on Transport for London is easier with Express Mode for Apple Pay.


Once enabled, it is as simple as touching your Apple device on the yellow reader at every entry or exit point on the transport network.

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Security and safety for your Wallet remain the same, and should you lose your Express Mode enabled device, you can still remotely cancel/block the Wallet.

But that’s not all Express mode can do!

Keep Travelling without Power

If Express Mode is enabled, the transit card will work for up to 5 hours after the Red Battery appears.

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This handy feature ensures you can complete your journey once you have started it. Even with a flat phone!

Express Mode will not work anywhere else outside of the London Transport system.

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Do you use Apple Pay to travel by Public transport? Are you happy to see Express Mode remove authentication?

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