We’ve waited forever for this news, but a new British Airways App and website are on the way as part of BA’s £7bn modernisation plan.

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British Airways App & Website

Every now and then, I get to write an article that makes me happy, and this one does just that. For the last week before this announcement, I’ve been trying hard to give BA my hard-earned cash, yet booking a Flight + Hotel package on their website is almost impossible.

The app is even worse.

In an ambitious move that marks a significant pivot towards enhancing customer experience, British Airways has announced a comprehensive £7bn investment strategy to modernise every aspect of its service.

At the heart of this transformative initiative are several key projects, including the launch of a new website and mobile app, the introduction of free onboard messaging, and the roll-out of new seating across its fleets.

The Digital Revolution

Digital convenience is paramount for travellers, and British Airways has struggled to keep up. The airline is now overhauling its online presence with a new website and mobile app. The update will be more than merely cosmetic, as it will empower passengers, says BA.

Both new digital platforms are set to debut by the end of the year, which cannot come soon enough for BA customers like myself and, I’m guessing, an exhausted and stretched IT team whose job has been to keep the current archaic site running— just!

a person holding a phone. British Airways App.  {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
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Staying Connected at 35,000 Feet

Starting April 3, British Airways is taking steps to ensure that staying in touch while flying is more accessible and convenient. Thanks to the airline’s WiFi service, Executive Club Members can send messages using popular apps like WhatsApp and iMessage free of charge on a single device.

This service may feel like a game-changer for loyal BA fliers who need to stay connected, but this is the UK flag carrier catching up with other airlines.

Additionally, the airline’s partnership with Microsoft has led to the creation of a first-of-its-kind WiFi-enabled inflight customer care solution, enabling real-time customer support up in the air.

British Airways is not stopping at digital enhancements and customer connectivity. The airline will invest heavily in its operations’ backbone, with £100m allocated towards integrating machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence.

These technological advancements aim to streamline everything from bookings to baggage handling, ensuring on-time departures and minimising disruptions. This investment reflects a broader commitment to operational excellence and a smoother travel experience for all passengers.

a person holding a phone. British Airways App.  {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
Credit British Airways

New Lounges and Cabin Upgrades

Looking ahead, British Airways also announced plans for its airport lounges and onboard experience.

The introduction of a new lounge design concept, starting with Dubai, and the refurbishment of lounges in Lagos and Seattle signal a significant upgrade project for the airline’s premium passengers.

On the fleet side, the arrival of new short-haul seats and cabins from May onwards, alongside the anticipation of a new First suite, showcases British Airways’ dedication to getting ‘back on top’.

This news couldn’t have come soon enough. The digital experience has rapidly deteriorated in recent years, and the promise of an entirely revamped British Airways App and website is a reassuring step in the right direction.

Download the British Airways App for Android or Apple devices, or visit britishairways.com.

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