The Fly Delta App version 6.0 has been released before the summer holiday season. It is packed with new features designed to streamline travel and offer users a more connected and personalised journey.

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Fly Delta App v6.0

Delta has introduced the most comprehensive update to its Fly Delta app in almost five years. It aims to enhance the travel experience from planning to booking and onto the onboard experience, just as many travellers take to the skies for a well-earned summer holiday.

They are also not afraid of pushing the boundaries of new user experiences. Just look at what they achieved with Parallel Reality displays.

Starting with a new Explore Page, Delta aims to offer destination suggestions, hoping users will gain inspiration and knowledge of unexplored places and will then go on to help plan and book trips easily.

This personalised experience will remember recent activities and suggest new destinations, seamlessly integrating with Delta’s digital ecosystem.

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Overall, the app’s navigation will have a very familiar feel, as it has been streamlined to reflect user interactions more intuitively and mirror the main Delta homepage. A new My Trips tab will be included, providing a clear, uncluttered standalone view of upcoming trip information.

To ensure that the most essential travel information is always available, travellers can access their boarding passes anytime, even while navigating other parts of the app. In keeping with the theme of having everything at your fingertips, Delta has introduced a new Help Center view.

This feature will provide a clear, actionable overview of the steps needed to manage any unexpected changes due to travel disruption, including the ability to track baggage and connect with Delta’s Virtual Assistant for further assistance.

Starting in the summer, Delta fliers can log in to Delta Sync Wi-Fi directly through the Fly Delta app using their SkyMiles credentials. This promises fast Wi-Fi connectivity on many routes and will be expanded to additional routes by the end of 2024.

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Eric Phillips, Delta’s Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, emphasised the importance of the Fly Delta app in connecting customers to the full Delta experience. With over one billion unique engagements in 2023, the app is a crucial tool for Delta SkyMiles members, who rely on it for travel planning and management. Delta continues to listen to customer feedback and plans to roll out additional updates throughout the year, aiming to enhance the app experience continually.

With these significant updates, Delta aims to make travel more convenient and enjoyable, providing customers with tools to manage their journeys effortlessly, even when unexpected situations arise.

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