Google Live View for Maps Moves into Beta

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Google Maps bring Directions to Life with Live View

Earlier this year Google announced Live View for their Maps app. After a few months of Alpha testing on select devices, Google has moved Live View into beta.

Having recently written about Smart Tech transforming how we travel and being a regular user of Maps when travelling, for me, this is an exciting addition to one of the best free apps available.

Google Live View in use.

Making use of Augmented Reality (AR), Live View brings real guidance and directions to Google Maps.

AR to Find Your Way in Google Maps

Add in your destination and select directions as you normally would within Maps and be sure to select ‘Walking’ as your mode of movement. Google will then calculate your route.

There’s still more work to be done to improve this feature. However, given the positive feedback we received from the Local Guides community, we’re hopeful that Live View, even in its beta form, can help people in those crucial moments when GPS and compass simply don’t cut it. 


With Live View, while you are navigating your route, you can turn on your camera, and let AR guide you.

Making use of your location data and the camera paired with the Google street view data, Live View uses AR to seemingly place your directions into the real world.

Google Street View car. Suzy Brookes on Unsplash.

This new feature is not something you would use to navigate your whole journey but instead act as a helping hand at busy junctions, crossroads or if you’ve just lost your bearings.

Supported Devices for Live View Beta

During the Beta period, Live View is available to any Android or Apple devices that are ARCore and ARKit enabled. You can check for your device on the Google Developers page.

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You will also need to be in a location that has had a visit from a Google Street View car and has been mapped into the Google databases.

And if you don’t live in an area covered by Street View, why not make your own!

// Media Google Maps YouTube Channel.

If you have a supported device then you should have access to Live View in Maps today.

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