News: Google Maps will Predict Your Commute


Everyone should have the Google Maps App on their Smartphone (Android | Apple). Whether for exploring new cities, a business trip or even your daily journey to the office, the app has many advantages.  Now, Google is rolling out a new update focused on improving the one trip that can cause the most grief, the commute!


Google Maps will Predict Your Commute

With this latest update which is being pushed out to devices from 1st Oct, Maps will utilise live and historic data on your route to provide you with a wealth of information.

Assuming you have granted Google the data for your home/hotel and office or end location, Maps will monitor the route for you, and for Android users, send notifications of live delays.  It can also offer and set alternative routes to avoid the delays!

// GIF Google.

And, if your trip involves driving and public transport, Maps has that covered as well!  To Begin with, 80 locations around the world will receive real-time tracking of buses and trains!  So you’ll know if you have time to finish your coffee, or pick up the pace on the way to the station!

I already use the public transport option in Maps when abroad, and it has made a massive difference on how I travel.  Where as before I would walk or, at worst, grab an uber; Maps picks up my location, I tell it my destination and the app gives me all possible options on the near by public transport.

This update can only enhance this experience!

taxi driver using sat nav in commuter rush hour.
// Photo by Dan Gold.


Along with making your trip easier, Google are also hoping to brighten it up!

“If you have to sit in traffic, you may as well do it while listening to good music. We’re making Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music available within Google Maps so that you can control your tunes and podcasts right from Google Maps navigation. With Spotify on Android you can also choose your favorite content by browsing through songs, albums, podcasts, and playlists with the new, easy to use navigation. Say goodbye to toggling between apps, and rock out knowing that you can keep your eyes where they should be—on the road.” ~ Google Press

The full update release can be read on the Google Blog.


Google Maps Accessible Transit Route Video



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