TripIt Improves Android App (v.9.0.1)

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Better User Interface for Android Travellers

TripIt has released a software update for its Android App which improves the user experience, enhances the notifications and provides a new feature.

Version 9.0.1 began rolling out from 25th September and will benefit both standard and Pro users of the popular App.

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Rich Notifications on Android

Many Apps are now improving their notifications and giving them actionable commands, straight from the lock screen.

It’s a feature I’m using more of and not just for the messaging apps.

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After upgrading, all TripIt users will notice notifications now have additional information about upcoming flights or reservations. This provides a better overview of your next booking with just a glance of your screen.

However, its the Pro users who get the real benefit as their notifications become ‘Rich‘. This means certain notifications will have action buttons such as check-in when you are notified that it is open to doing so.

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TripIt Neighbourhood Safety Scores

One of the biggest improvements in TripIt for me is the International Travel Tools section. If you are a frequent traveller and don’t already own TriptIt Pro, this feature almost justifies the fee by itself!

Now TripIt has upgraded the Neighbourhood Saftey Score feature to bring it in line with Apple devices.

In partnership with TripIt, GeoSure is pleased to launch the first hyper-local safety awareness solution specifically fortraveling LGBTQ persons.

Michael Becker, CEO GeoSure

The Neighbourhood safety score has been designed to raise awareness for your security when you visit a new city. But it’s not just a generic high-level overview.

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This new feature can focus on smaller neighbourhoods within the city, be filtered down by categories such as women, LGBT or physical safety.

Now, this feature supports day and night ratings to give you a more focused report based on the time of day you will be in certain areas.

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Join the Conversation

Are you an Android TripIt app user? What would you like to see in the next release?

My opinion of the app has certainly improved from when I first started to use it and now rely on it for every trip.

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