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Hilton HHonors App

Hilton clearly see the potential in having a solid app offering that , not only lets you search and book a room, but to also choose which room within the hotel you want and any additional extras.


This app is loaded with features to help all travellers booking a stay at any one of the 13 Hilton brands of hotels.  These include:

  • Search & book a room at over 4,600 hotels
  • Set your favourite hotels to use in the quick rebook feature
  • Use your handset as a digital key at over 200 hotels
  • Bonus HHonors point awards given throughout the year for app bookings
  • Advise hotel on your arrival time and request drinks/snacks to be ready for you
  • HHonor members with status can also:
    • Request room upgrades
    • Be advised on available benefits relating to your status within the hotel
  • Book an uber from your booking (requires uber app/free membership)


The beauty of this app is in it’s design.  Everything is in the right place for when you need it, options are easy to select and the user interface and information feedback is very well balanced.

As always I would recommend joining the loyalty reward program, in this case it is Hilton HHonors.  

Searching and booking a room is very straightforward once you have logged in.  By default the app will always search for hotels near you using the phones location, but tapping into the search bar allows you to enter your location or pick from a list of previous searches.  Unlike some mobile apps, selecting your date range is very simple and easy to navigate within this app.  Once you have provided the app with the required information it will return a list with all properties within a 40 mile radius of where you searched.


Once you have identified the hotel you wish to stay at the next screen will show you with which rooms are available on your dates and the current rate for them.  This one screen, again, does very well in providing everything you need to know. The drop down arrow gives you a brief description of the hotel, there is a call button which puts you straight through to the front desk and the pin button opens up your phones Map app showing it’s location and address.

If there are any deals or promotions running, the app makes you aware of them by applying a banner above the room choices.  Tap it to read the offers in full.

Selecting your room then gives you the option of making your booking a package eg/ room only/B&B/Dinner B&B etc.


When you are happy with your room, package and price you can confirm your booking which will automatically send you a copy via email and add it to the app for you.

At this stage, if you have status within their loyalty program you will be able to use the upgrade request option and also any other arrival requests you may want to set such as:

  • Mineral Water
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Additional pillows
  • Soft drinks
  • Snacks


Finally, you can add the booking to your digital wallet, depending on which phone you are using, and that is all you need to do.  If at anytime prior to your check in date you need to amend something you can open the app and go to your booking.

The day before you are due to arrive the app sends a push notification to your lock screen to remind you of your upcoming stay, prompt you to check in and again select any extras you may want on your arrival.



The HHonors App is probably the best hotel app available at the moment.  It is an incredibly well thought out and designed tool which is simple to use, yet allows you to achieve so much.

The best recommendation I could give it? I have been a loyal customer to another brand of hotels for the last few years, putting 100s of nights stays to them.  This app alone makes me want to switch allegiance!


Download for free:   Apple App Store | Google Play

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  1. I did read your trip report yesterday! The fact you started the day with a 9 hour road trip, yet where I am that would result with ending up in several different seas or an ocean!

    Did you book via their app? If so how did you find it?

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