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…Credit has to go to the design team here. The Universal Orlando Resort app has so many functions, yet it is so simple to use. This was built with the users in mind!

Wait times are very accurate Weather/Temp reports not included
Good user interface No transport/bus information
Suitable for all visitors
Nearly everything covered

Universal Orlando Resort App

Whether it is your first visit or tenth, when you are going to any of the 3 Universal Parks in Orlando, you want to make every minute count! And Universal has made it easier than ever to do this with their smartphone App.

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<em>The Universal App puts you in control of your visit Image Tech for Travel<em>


What I, and you, will discover is that the app has managed to pack in so many options, features and controls; yet it is not overwhelming or difficult to use!

Even someone who doesn’t always use a smartphone, or apps, could easily navigate this app and achieve what they need to do. And to ensure everyone has access, Universal now provide good park-wide free WiFi so there is no need to worry about your roaming data plan!

Plan Ahead

To get the most from the app you should complete the personal information section and turn on notifications. These steps ensure you can use the most important features it has to offer.

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<em>The Incredible Hulk Coaster wait times can reach 2 hours Image Tech for Travel<em>

If you’ve added your details along with a payment card you can make purchases via the app including park tickets, upgrades to Express Pass and make use of extras such as dining options and official photo packages.

This gives you more control over your time and planning. The most common need will be the adventure maps for each of the three parks which is front and centre on the homepage.

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<em>Paper fold out maps are a thing of the past Image Tech for Travel<em>

Select which park you are in, or plan to visit, and the app gives you the map with all the rides pinned to it. At the top of the screen are some easy to use filters so you can toggle on/off the rides that you want. In the bottom corner of each map are two quick access filters for toilets and Wallet access!

Navigation is Key

In the above image, the map has been filtered for child-friendly and 3D/4D rides with all toilet facilities; simple planning for a family day out at Universal Studios!

When you are at the park, you can tap on any ride for up-to-date wait times. I checked this on each ride I stopped at and the app matched the digital boards every time!

You can do the same exercise for all the dining options across the parks and Universal Hotels.

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<em>Know everything about your ride before you queue Image Tech for Travel<em>

I used the app for 2 weeks and during this time the only information I found it to be missing, or wanted it to have, was a daily temperature guide/weather report.

If you stay at one of the Universal properties, there is a free shuttle service to take you from the parks to your hotel. Although, these buses are readily available with little to no wait time, a bit more information or departure times, within the app for them would be useful.


The development team have done a great job in covering nearly every Universal Orlando Resort visitors needs, and the news from Universal is that this app will be the starting point for much more digital development in the future!

  • Digital Wallet
  • Real-Time Park Maps with Queue times
  • Virtual Line™️
  • Order Food & Drinks
  • Parking Reminder Tool
  • Live Notifications of Rides/Wait times
  • Contact Numbers & Opening Hours
  • Lost & Found
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<em>The Universal Orlando App works on Android Apple devices Image Tech for Travel<em>
How Much does the Universal Orlando Resort App Cost?

The Universal Orlando App is free to download from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

There are no adverts on the App but there are in-app purchases for park tickets etc.

Final Thoughts…

The Universal Orlando app is incredibly easy to use. For an app that contains so much information to a very diverse range of users, it delivers perfectly.

The few down points I’ve highlighted here are more like additions I’d like to see rather than detract from the current version of the app.

I found all 3 parks easy to navigate but the digital map with real-time queue times and built in navigation to guide you to each ride means the Universal Orlando App is a must have for every visitor!

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