Full Apple Set-Up for Less than an iPhone Pro

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Three Apple Products or an iPhone Pro?

The Pro was not the big news at the recent Apple event. Instead, some price drops carried more importance than the new flagship iPhone Pro and give a cheaper way to own an all Apple set-up.

Many Apple fans have already made the upgrade to the iPhone Pro, which has launched to mixed reviews, so far.

But if you don’t need all the power and features of the Pro but still want to enjoy some new Apple devices there is good news.

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Price Drop Makes Apple More Accessible

During the launch on September 10th, Apple lowered its pricing on two devices that still offer a reasonable return for your money; Watch Series3 and the iPhone8.

They also announced the new 7th Generation iPad which is feature-packed and will come with the new iPad OS, when it ships for £349/$329 from September 30th.

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Now, if you are someone who doesn’t need the newest technology the moment its launched, but instead, are happy with a slightly earlier generation of tried and tested devices, Apple is now a very good option!

The new iPhone Pro base model is £1,049/$999 which is a lot of money for a smartphone. Even more so if you’re not going to make use of all it has to offer.

But, if you have that amount to spend, why not consider a full Apple ecosystem of devices?

Act Fast – Enjoy 3 Apple Devices for Less than an iPhone Pro

All the devices are brand new, not refurbished, secondhand or even from a 3rd party seller.

These devices are all on sale, or preorder, direct from Apple but offer an incredible return for less than the price of the new entry-level iPhone Pro.

iPhone 8 (discontinued)64GBUnlocked
SIM Free
⚬ Gold
⚬ Silver
⚬ Space Grey
Watch 3 (38mm)8GBGPS Only⚬ Silver/White
⚬ SpaceGrey/Black
iPad 7th Gen32GBWiFi Only⚬ Gold
⚬ Silver
⚬ Space Grey
Total Price£1,027$977
iPhone Pro 5.8″ 64GB£1,049$999
More Savings with a Trade-In

This deal is made even better if you have any older Apple gadgets you no longer need and can trade-in for a discount off the purchase of any new device.

And if you need this deal to be made any sweeter there is a Limited time offer on new purchases.

Buy any new iPhone, iPad or watch and Apple will give you a free 1-year subscription to its Apple TV+ service.

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<em>iPad 7th Gen supports Apple Pencil Image Apple<em>

In summary that’s an iPhone 8, a new iPad 7th Gen, a Series 3 watch and a one-year subscription to Apple TV+.


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Personally, I think this is a great price for a bundle that includes a smartphone, smartwatch and tablet all within the same software ecosystem.

Join the Conversation

How does this package sound to you? Would you rather an iPhone Pro or all three Apple devices for a slightly cheaper price but with a full set-up?

Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter.

All products and further information can be found on apple.com.

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