APP: British Airways Offers In-App Upgrades


The latest version of the BA App (v.5.35) has just been released and with it comes a feature many may not have been aware of!


Last Minute In-App (Paid) Upgrades

Until recently, a lucky select few, sometimes, would be given the opportunity to upgrade their ticket by one cabin class on BA flights.  This usually occurred some time after the 24 hour cooling off period from when you purchased your ticket and would show online only, in your ‘Manage My Booking’ area.  This ‘limited time’ offer would usually work out cheaper than purchasing a ticket for that cabin, but was never a guaranteed to be made available!

What’s New in Version 5.35

We’ve added the ability to be presented last-minute offers on cabin upgrades, even after you’ve checked in (depending on availability, selected customers and routes only).
Bugs and stabilisation fixes

-British Airways

They normally tend to show on emptier flights outside of rush hour periods, and depending on your flight time, can prove good value, thanks to their discounted rate.  BA have now moved this into their mobile App and even improved on it!

Once you have updated your device the latest version of the app not only offers you these paid upgrade opportunities but can even offer them after you have checked in!


This is a welcome addition to the app and hopefully something travellers can take advantage off.  Even more so if other airlines integrate this into their apps.

None of my upcoming BA flights are currently showing any offers 🙁 but I will keep an eye on them and share my experiences as soon as possible.

For all BA related app information, you can visit their dedicated page, or download the app to your device (Android | iOS).

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  1. This is good to know if I decide to travel to Europe someday. I don’t have the app yet, but may download it on my next trip to Europe. I am glad that they are improving on the app and are giving their deals more public access.

  2. This is so cool! I fly British Airways quite often and I had no idea of this new feature. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. That is great, nice upgrade. Its always good to take a step ahead in what ever we are doing. for our own betterment and that of our clients .

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