CES 2017: Chipolo Redefines the Tracker!


The Bluetooth tracker market is becoming a crowded place.  With many different brands trying to out do each other.  Well, ahead of CES in Las Vegas this week, Chipolo have shared with us their new devices for 2017.

Chipolo Sticker

Ironically, the big news from the Slovenian company is about their smallest and most compact tracker to date.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 14.51.32.png

The Sticker has been created for items with minimal surface area, allowing for easier use of the tracker.  Most users have, so far,  been content in sticking the standard Classic or Plus trackers to items which can sometimes ruin the appearance, such as tablets or smartphones.  The sticker has been designed to overcome this issue.

Chipolo claim the size will be similar to a paper clip! and that it will incorporate wireless charging delivered by Energous’s WattUp technology.

It is due for release later this year.

Chipolo Clip

In 2016, Chipolo gave us the Plus which was an enhanced version of their original Classic.  Meanwhile their main rival in the tracker space, Tile, released the Tile Slim.  At the time, the Slim was design to be the purse/wallet friendly version of a tracker and considered the worlds slimmest.


The Chipolo Clip looks to better the Tile Slim and take the title for Slimmest tracker on the market, but as yet no stats have been published.  Given the Slim is only 2.4mm thick, Chipolo will probably only come in under this number by an unoticable margin.

So the Clip seems to be an addition to the Chipolo ecosystem, to match anything the competitors have done.  Although the addition of a simple Clip to the tracker is a useful touch to set it apart.

You can clamp your ID badge to the tracker and never be late for work or college on a Monday again, because you can’t remember where you threw your pass on Friday evening!  If preferred the Clip can be removed so you have just the tracker.

The Clip is due for release in Spring 2017.

You can sign up for product news on both the Sticker and Clip here.

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