CES 2017: Notebook Round Up.



The notebook might be redundant for some outside of the work place, with tablets gaining popularity and bespoke apps helping you do pretty much whatever you please.

The tech companies however still see demand in the market, and at CES this year we have been treated to a wide range of new ones.


Samsung Odyssey

First up, the Odyssey.  This is not your normal notebook, but one built specifically for gamers. Although, if you watch the promo video, Samsung will have you believe it is related to a mythical creature!

The Odyssey has been designed from new, it is not a refresh.  Coming in either a 15″ or 17″ model the standout features are the keyboard and full HD beautifully backlit displays.




The 17″ model has customizable backlit lighting for easy identification of the most used keys and both models have ergonomically curved keycaps.

The design of the Odyssey is very easy on the eye, and with a near full base fan vent to keep the Intel® Core™ i7 processor (Quad Core 45W) cool and you gaming for hours, it has been well thought through!

Price £$€ TBC


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2017)

As expected Lenovo have used CES to showcase plenty of their new hardware this year, but it is the X1 Carbon that catches the eye!

Long term ThinkPad users may regard the X series brand as more akin to a net book, with earlier models being small, less powerful, light and 12/13″ screens.  Today the new X1 is light at just 1.13kg but every other aspect is pure power.  The small screens are now 14″ Full HD and no longer surrounded by thick bezels.




The 2017 model also boasts a 15 hour battery life and upgraded fingerprint reader, it can have up to 16GB of memory and storage can be pushed out to 1TB.  The X1 Carbon specs firmly place it near the top of the best business laptops on the market today!

Best of all?  It keeps the Trackpoint! #OldSkool

Price $1349 (On Sale from Feb 2017)


Razer Project Valerie

This one needs to be filed somewhere between what were they thinking and where can I get one please!  This prototype Laptop from Razer packs 3 screens which can be deployed by a button or software command.




Designed for gamers, this could work on so many other levels.  Business users who rely on multiple applications to go about their work.  Creative users who need the extra screen space during editing.

Each 4k screen is 17″ and together are designed to give gamers an immersive experience that usually confines them to a desktop.  Although specs on weight are not available the width/length/depth is on par with other gaming laptops!

Price £$€ Prototype






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