CES 2017: The Evolution of the Garmin Wearable.


As with CES 2016 wearable tech is still the big focal point this year, with some of the largest names in the industry trying to master the perfect balance of features, looks & functionality.

Garmin Fēnix 5 Series

Taking over from where the 3 series left off, Garmin have announced the Fēnix 5 Series of their popular smartwatches, ahead of CES 2017 opening it’s doors today.


Firstly, Garmin have addressed one of my biggest gripes around the smartwatch market by creating the same watch but in 3 different versions.  The 5s is the smallest of the 3, aimed at the female market but still the same watch as the 5x and the 5.  It does drop the preloaded maps to allow for the smaller form factor, but otherwise all 3 are the same inside.

The Samsung Gear S3 is arguably the best current smartwatch on the market, but it is far from a unisex design!  Apple have a more unisex design but some would say, lacking any decisive function!


Although Garmin are moving slowly away from the dedicated & ultimate activity tracker to a more well rounded smartwatch offering, there is no denying their heritage still sits with the sporting functions.

All of the new fēnix 5 models come preloaded with multisport features for running, cycling, swimming, skiing and more. In addition to the wide variety of sports profiles, all three fēnix 5 models have daily activity tracking, so users can wear their fēnix as a daily timepiece and a rugged training tool. Built-in navigation features include a barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass and gyroscope.

For the competitive athlete, all fēnix 5 models include enhanced metrics for running, cycling and swimming and also support Strava live segments. The new performance widget helps users keep relevant training stats right at their fingertips. New training features include the monitoring of training status, training load and Training Effect 2.0. A new, fully integrated Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate sensor provides improved 24/7 heart rate monitoring without the need of a chest strap.


Garmin are claiming a 2 week battery life, which would be amazing if the device can maintain that over the period of time you own one, which based on the price, should be the rest of your natural life.

The 5 & 5s start at £499 and the 5x starting at £599! If you prefer you can opt for the Sapphire on the 5/5s for an additional £90.

All 3 are due to be ready for sale during the first 3 months of 2017, and will be on show this week at the Garmin stand.

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