#CES2019 Day 2 Round-Up


From Jan 8th-11th in the Nevada desert, the annual CES Tech trade show returns to Las Vegas.  This is the largest tech event in the world and has more new product launches than any other.

With the event now in its 52nd year, {Tech} for Travel will be pacing the halls, booths and displays to bring you all the news from the biggest brands.


Day 2 Round-Up

Eureka Park at CES is the Springboard for Start-Ups // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Although all the multi-national brands get most of the mainstream media attention this week, CES dedicates a large area to Start-Ups, called Eureka Park. These much smaller companies don’t have big budgets and glitzy displays, but their tech, vision and ambition is infectious!

Both Travis and Zendure brands are relatively new and have grown from crowdfunding or Eureka Park, yet have their latest devices are in the {Tech} for Travel 2019 Best Gadget Guide.

With the catchphrase “It’s like a backstage pass to the future” I took a walk around Eureka Park to find some of the newest travel tech to hit the market.

Lumzag – The World’s Smartest Bags

It’s fair to say the Smartbag market hit a bit of a roadblock when the TSA, followed by most major airlines, banned battery packs entering the hold of an aircraft and restricted the size of battery packs in general.

But, as we come out of the other side brands such as Lumzag are making smart luggage desirable again!

Two of the three pieces from the Lumzag Smart Bag Range // Image {Tech} for Travel.

Their new range consists of a Backpack, messenger bag and a Crossbody, all of which are built from a material called Carbitex CX6! Nope, I’d never heard of it either, but the finish is flawless!

There are 7 Smart Features on the bags, which include shoulder strap wireless charging, 10,000mAh battery pack with cable access for your devices, roaming wireless hotspot (data charges) and a very well made, and user-friendly, smartphone app!

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

Lumzag Smart Bag Range is being crowdfunded right now with prices starting from $179.

App-Elles Safety Bracelet

Travel, for the best part, is safe and enjoyable, but we live in a world where anything could happen. The team at App-Elles have created a safety bracelet for women that aims to help prevent violence.

But, with a range of six colours, it can be worn by anyone and used anywhere with a cell signal.

App-Elles Bracelet makes Travel Safer // Image {Tech} for Travel.

The device is an extension of a very clever, and free, smartphone app. Within the app you can configure a list of contactable people who will be alerted should you be in danger or feel threatened.

These ‘trusted contacts’ will receive live audio of your situation from your smartphones microphone and GPS tracking of your location. Both of which are recorded and stored on your and their devices! All this with a press of the bracelet.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

App-Elles Safety Bracelet is $24.92.

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