CES 2022 is back in Las Vegas…. and digitally. The world continues to battle COVID-19, and with the recent Omicron variant, many brands and attendees have been forced to cancel travel plans and participate virtually. As the new technology and gadgets are announced, this {Tech} for Travel page will update with all the latest travel tech releases and CES 2022 news.

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CES 2022 News: Lenovo Announce Eco-Friendly New ThinkPads

Lenovo is renowned for launching a plethora of new devices every year at CES, and despite being one of the ‘digital only’ brands in 2022, they were one of the first out of the gate for announcing two new ThinkPad models.

The new Z13/Z16 models will be made from recycled materials, including minimal packaging, and focus on the origins of raw components used within the machines.

On the casing of the Z13, a new colourway, Bronze, is crafted from Vegan leather. Both models will come in Arctic Grey.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z series in bamboo packaging announced at CES 2022 news. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfor travel.co.uk
<em>A more sustainable way to make sell ThinkPad Image Lenovo<em>

This year sees Lenovo mark the 30th anniversary of ThinkPad and has used these Z models to deliver the next iteration of TrackPoint with a decision that may split some loyal fans!

Whilst the TrackPoint in the center of the keyboard remains and becomes touch-sensitive, gone are the TrackPoint thumb buttons usually placed above the TrackPad.

Made for Remote Working

A new communication bar at the top of the optionally upgraded OLED display contains an FHD and IR camera, vital for the new remote workforce these machines will be used by. On the Z13, an edge-to-edge ThinkPad keyboard allows for the same 16:10 ratio display as on the bigger 16″ Z16.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z16 announced at CES 2022 news. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfor travel.co.uk
<em>ThinkPad Z16 with Dolby Atmos Speakers Image Lenovo<em>

Inside the Z series will be powered by an AMD Ryzen PRO U-Series processor in the 13″ model and an AMD Ryzen PRO H-Series processor for the 16″. Both will run Windows 11 and can be upgraded to 32GB LPDDR5 memory.

Both ThinkPad models will be available from May 2022, with the Z13 starting at $1549 and the Z16 from $2099.

// Media Lenovo Youtube channel.

CES 2022 News: Samsung Takes Big Screen Everywhere with The Freestyle

Billed as an “all-new portable screen and entertainment device,” this is a 3-in-1 projector, smart speaker and ambient light in one packed full of smart technology and features. Samsung says The Freestyle is aimed at Gen Z and millennials, but why is beyond me.

It’s designed to be portable, and at just 830g, weight isn’t an issue, but the styling doesn’t look as sturdy for outdoor use as some competitors; the Freestyle is meant for on the go use.

Samsung The Freestyler launched at CES 2022. #ces2022. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>The Freestyler Projector Image Samsung<em>

The Freestyle can project up to a 100″ display almost anywhere and stream straight from your mobile device. Alternatively, if Wi-Fi, or 5G over a hotspot, is available, the full smart TV Samsung experience is accessible with all the smart features built into the projector.

Along with the 180-degree pivot base, The Freestyle has autofocus and auto levelling capabilities to deliver the perfect picture every time.

Samsung says The Freestyle is a “First-of-its-kind technology that delivers optimal viewing and entertainment in a compact form factor”.

Portable projector for camping. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>3 in 1 projector Image Samsung<em>

Power will need to come from an external source, and The Freestyle can run off a portable power pack with Power Delivery (PD) capabilities, which most do.

Samsung is also pioneering a new way to power a device, enabling The Freestyle to run from a standard E262 light socket!

For audio, there is a 360° 5-watt woofer speaker built into the projector to deliver an even sound all around The Freestyler.

The Freestyler will go on pre-order for the US on January 4th and is priced at $899 from samsung.com.

CES 2022 News: Chipolo CARD Spot Goes Where AirTags Can’t

Although brands such as Chipolo have been blazing the Bluetooth tracker trail for some time, it sadly took the launch of Apple AirTag to thrust this important tech sector into the limelight.

Long before AirTag, Chipolo had given us trackers for different purposes, from the standard One to the Card and the Ocean Edition made from recycled plastics. At #CES2022, Chipolo announced its latest tracker, the CARD Spot.

Chipolo CARD Spot with APple Find My built in launched at CES. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.co.uk
<em>CARD Spot announced at CES Image Chipolo<em>

CARD Spot goes where AirTag cannot, in a wallet. Those with a purse might get away with an AirTag, but wallet owners either go without or accept a significant bump.

Now, travellers can enjoy Chipolo design AND make use of the Apple Find My App, as the CARD Spot is fully compatible with the Apple tracking network. The device is just 2.4mm thick and has 2-year battery life.

Travellers can set up the CARD Spot just as they would an AirTag and place it in a wallet or passport pouch and get notifications the moment they become separated. If you lose your item, Chipolo CARD Spot can then use the Find My network, currently made up of over 100 million users, to locate it and reunite you.

Chipolo CARD Spot is open for pre-order at $35/£30 with shipping from March. Visit chipolo.net.

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