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Motorola Defy Satellite Link

A new Bluetooth device, a collaboration between Bullitt Group and Motorola Solutions, could be the latest must-have gadget for off-grid adventurers. The Motorola Defy Satellite Link will allow almost any smartphone to communicate without a 4G/5G cellular network or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Smartphone satellite communications mostly gained attention when Apple included it as a feature in its latest handsets. Still, unlike the iPhone 14 models, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link is more than just an SOS or emergency messaging device.

The device then connects directly to geostationary satellites 22,300 miles above the earth and allows you to send text messages via the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app, when cellular and Wi-Fi are not available. Recipients without the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app can receive a message as a simple SMS to their existing phone, and are invited to download the associated Android or iOS app to respond.


Tethered to any compatible smartphone via Bluetooth, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link can provide two-way message communications, location sharing and SOS help. There will be a Bullitt Satellite Messenger App for Android and iOS devices to help set up and use the Link.

Bullitt and Motorola expect the Defy Link to be a go-anywhere, handle-anything device.

As such, its been built to MILSPEC 810H standard and achieved an IP68 waterproof rating with an operating range of -30°C to 55°C. It will be powered by a non-removable 600mAh internal battery that can be recharged via USB.

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Specifications //Motorola Defy Satellite Link

Dimensions70 x 50 x 11mm
Colour OptionsBlack/Orange
ConnectivityAdvanced Two-way Satellite Messaging
Bluetooth 5.1
FeaturesGPS Positioning
Two-way Messaging
Waterproof RatingIP68

Price //Motorola Defy Satellite Link

The Motorola Defy Satellite Link Bluetooth device will be available worldwide from April 2023, with pricing starting at $99 for the Link only.

A 12-month subscription to the Essentials Messaging service plan will cost $149 annually, including 30 two-way messages per month and SOS Assist. Additionally, plans can be built up starting from just $4.99 per month for the SOS Assist feature.

Registration for Pre-orders is open now at

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