GSMA Plays it Safe, Moves #MWC2021 to June Date

Mobile World Conference MWC moves to June in 2021. {Tech} for Travel.
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#MWC2021 Moves to Summer Dates

MWC 2020 was the first big casualty in the conference calendar as COVID-19 swept across the globe at the start of the year. Now GSMA, the organisation behind #MWC2021, has pushed the event date back to late June from the pencilled in date of early March next year.

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In a press release confirming the date change, GSMA points to the need for more time to “contend with external circumstances related to Covid-19.”

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has long been the most important platform for new to market Smartphone releases.

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If you’ve never attended, or followed along online, conferences such as MWC, IFA and CES, they are ideal breeding grounds for the spread of most viruses.

They each attract over 100k+ attendees each year, all packed into a few convention halls, and all wanting to pick up and test the latest technology and innovations.

Planning is Key

Earlier in September, the organisers of #IFA2020 proved tech events can be held during the COVID-19 era. Albeit with huge restrictions.

Access was given to just 800 members of the press and media. In 2019, that number was 245,000 people who attended the same event!

Pushing the date back, gives GSMA more time to plan and prepare on a landscape that is continually changing. Here in Europe, many countries are back on an upward curve of a second spike.

Socially distanced tech conference IFA 2020. Can #MWC2021 do the same on the new date? {Tech} for Travel.
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Same Place, New Date

#MWC2021 will now run from 28th June until July 1st. And the good news is it’ll continue to be held at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via.

I’m sure this will please many attendees for two reasons. Firstly, many will have not had any business travel for some time. More importantly, Barcelona is so much warmer in June/July than it is at the start of the year!

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There will be, however, a digital version of the event which suggests this could be an event restricted on numbers.

#MWC2021 GSMA Press Release

You can read the full press release here.

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