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It’s nearly 8 months since #CES2018 closed its doors which means it’s about time for IFA 2018.

IFA is the biggest tech show in Europe, and this year runs from 31st August until 5th September.

IFA 2017
IFA 2017

#IFA2018 Preview

With all big tech events, we as consumers, are treated to the latest and greatest in technology.  Although we expect the big releases, nothing is ever confirmed until the brands decide to let us know.

The travel tech market is bursting with mobile, wearable, audio and connected devices so with every new device we expect bigger and better specs, so what will IFA have for us in 2018?

Well, if previous years are anything to go by, we could be in for a great event!


It was known well in advance that Samsung had decided not to launch the Note9 at IFA, and instead host their own event on August 9th.  There was an expectation they would use IFA for their much rumored new wearable, the Galaxy Watch, but that was released alongside the Note9.  Their new tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4 was even released earlier in the month, so anything new from Samsung will likely not be in the travel tech arena.

The Samsung Note9 invite gave little away!

I’m sure they will have a big presence at the event with all of their new mobile devices on display and plenty of hands-on time for some reviews!

Samsung do have a Press conference booked in for 1045am on August 30th, day 2 of the press event.

Bang & Olufsen

One of the first confirmed press conferences was that of B&O which will be held at 10am on the opening day of the press only dates.  During the past 12 months the audio specialists have released a steady stream of headphones, including the remastered Earset.

B&O use unique design to stand out in a crowded headphone market.

With the shift in mobile devices moving away from traditional headphone sockets, the chance of some more wireless headphones is high.


The wearable market has picked up pace.  The line between fitness tracker and smart watch is becoming increasingly blurred and a part of me can’t help but think if Fitbit have a new device, it needs to be a good one!

Newer is not always better as the Versa demonstrated.

Earlier this year they released the Versa Smart Watch, which I felt was a step back from the very impressive Ionic which I had reviewed at the end of 2017.  The problem now is that Samsung and Apple both have very strong offerings.

Fitbit do not have a official time/date for any press conference as yet.


2018 has already been a productive year for Lenovo.  They even made me look at travel photography in a new way!

After a successful #MWC2018 where they displayed a wide range of new devices they are ready for more goodness in Berlin!

Lenovo will attend IFA 2018
The Lenovo Stand at #MWC2018 where there was a great offering of mobile tech.

Just this week Lenovo launched what could be every business traveller or road warriors new best friend, the ThinkPad P1.  A device with the weight & dimensions of an ultra slim notebook but specs that are usually found in the most top end models!  I’m looking forward to trying it out.

There is a press conference for 30th August with a confirmed product launch, and already has its own hashtag #LenovoTechLife.

Lenovo have kindly invited {Tech} for Travel to be their guest during #IFA2018, along with some very talented tech content creators.  More on this during and after the event where I will bring you live updates from their product launch.

IFA 2018 logo


Sony have fingers in many, many pies so they always have something new and shiny to show off at past IFA events; and this year should be no different.

What will the Sony devices of 2018 look like?

On the travel tech front, new headphones and smart phone/s are the most likely launches we can expect.  The rumour mill is around a new Sony Xperia handset in the form of a XZ3.

Sony have confirmed a press conference for 1pm on 30th August.

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  • When: 31st August – 5th September 2018.
  • Press Days: 29/30th August 2018.
  • Where: Berlin, Germany.
#IFA2017 Wrap Video

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