News: Omnio Stroller – Parents, your Prayers have been Answered!


Although this post is a family orientated to those with newborns or toddlers, the sheer brilliance in what Omnio have created is clear for all to see.

The Wearable Stroller by Omnio

That’s right, a wearable Stroller!  Omnio has designed and built a full-sized buggy that collapses into a compact wearable when not in use.


Designed for children from 6 months up to around 5 years old (22kgs in weight), the Omnio is made possible thanks to 3 very clever design features.

The big attraction here is just how compact the Omnio becomes when folded.  This is possible due to the telescopic frame that runs from the handlebar down to the bottom of the seating area.  This reduces the height of the stroller when collapsed.  The base and wheel area then folds up against the back of the seating area.


The dual-use strap system acts as a 6-point harness (5 point clip + adjustable chest strap) for both the child when in use, and for the adult when packed away!  It is also fully adjustable and padded for comfort.  Being able to have the one set of straps serve both purposes, is in itself a great design feature.


You will notice the front wheels differ in appearance to the rear.  These are Omnio directional wheels.

An omni-wheel is best described as a ‘wheel of wheels’. Instead of a traditional solid tyre around the outer edge of the wheel, it has a series of curved rollers. This means the omni-wheel can rotate like a standard wheel and it can also roll sideways on the roller in contact with the ground, without having to swivel and is suited to multi-terrains. Manufactured in the highest quality polymers for maximum strength, durability and performance.


At this point, any parent/minder who has tried to navigate an airport terminal, leaving the stroller at the gate and then the juggling act of hand luggage and toddler at the other end to reclaim your stroller, will be seeing a this as the answer, and a hundred more scenarios it can resolve!

When compact you can take it on board as hand luggage with most carriers (although you should always check before you travel).


The Omnio Stroller comes in Red, Black or Teal and is available for early reservation now for UK customers, with shipping expected to begin in early 2017, priced at £389.


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