IFA 2020 Tech Conference to Go Ahead In-Person & Virtually

IFA Berlin 2020 will go ahead as a new concept event. {Tech} for Travel. https://techfortravel.wpengine.com
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A New Concept for #IFA20

In an unexpected announcement, IFA has confirmed that its 2020 tech conference, #IFA20, will go ahead this summer as an in-person event alongside a new concept ‘virtual experience’.

Back in April, at the height of the current global pandemic, IFA confirmed this year’s event would “not go ahead as usual”.

Fortunately, the team had anticipated the problems with hosting the conference and were already well underway in creating something very different. Whilst remaining within the new normal of social distancing rules, and local guidelines for Berlin, where IFA is held.

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How Will it Work?

Sadly, the bad news is the event will not be open to the public as it has in previous years.

I’ve been attending IFA since 2018 and the buzz around the conference centre on the general public days is infectious. However, it’s due to a different infection, that this year cannot be the same.

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Instead, IFA will be focusing on four core functions to help #IFA20 remain a technology platform for consumer electronics in Europe. They are:

  • An innovation showcase for brands
  • A platform for cutting-edge technologies
  • A sourcing event for OEMs and ODMs
  • The marketplace where retailers and brands can come together

IFA has been given the go-ahead to take place in 2020 as a real-life event in Berlin, based on a special concept that puts health and safety first.

Taking place over just three days – from 3 to 5 September – this year’s IFA 2020 Special Edition falls well within the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IFA 2020 Press Only Invites

The event will now run for 3 days only and on each day, there will be a maximum of 1,000 people (800 media) present at any one time. This ensures social distancing rules can be applied for attendees.

There will be just two stages where all company’s attending can host keynotes and press conferences. This will stop the need for walking around the vast show floor going from booth to booth.

In short, for this year only (?) IFA will be a business to business only event which at the very heart of it, is what the core element of it is each year. Some other events such as CES in Las Vegas are always ‘Trade Only’.

IFA 2020 will be a business only event. {Tech} for Travel. https:/techfortravel.co.uk
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Not All Bad News for the Tech Conference

Just because this year sees an enforced change in format, it doesn’t mean there will be a lack of announcements made.

So far in 2020, only CES was able to run as normal and MWC was cancelled at the 11th hour

IFA has had time to do its best for the brands who often use the event as a platform for new tech and it appears those manufactures are keen to make the most of it and kickstart their year.

#IFA20 will run from 3-5th September and all travel-related tech will be reported on {Tech} for Travel during show week.

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Huawei has been participating IFA for 9 years. It has been an excellent platform for Huawei to promote our products and strategies as well as meeting friends around the world. We look forward to joining the event in the new form.

Chengdong (Richard) Yu, CEO Huawei

A really surprising and inspiring IFA concept at the right time. We are currently examining how we can best use these ideas for Fitbit’s global ambitions. It is more important than ever to provide positive impulses for our industry, media and trade.

Michael Maier, Fitbit Inc., CEO
// Media IFA YouTube Channel.
Join the Conversation

Do you think the IFA 2020 Tech Conference will still produce the same hype and anticipation for new devices as it has in previous years?

Should it be going ahead at all as an in-person event?

Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter.

Visit ifa-berlin.com for further information.

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