News: Moovy Bag – An Entire Office in your Case!


I often cover items launched on Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo because it is not always the big, established brands that release the next great product.

I’d been eagerly awaiting the launch of this next bag for a while, and no sooner had it gone live on Kickstarter, than they had already made their target funding……in just 8 hours!!  Fortunately, there is still plenty of time for everyone else to get involved.


Moovy Bag

The smart bag/case market is really heating up! With some great products for consumers to choose from, the Moovy Bag needs to stand out, and by looks alone it is right up there! Yet, it is on the inside where this bag is smarter than most.



What Makes it Smart?

Once you get beyond the sleek exterior, you find an extremely well designed and planned bag that is as close to a mobile office, as you can get!

Firstly, Power. Every smart bag does power.  Moovy has just raised the bar!  The 22,000mAh battery pack comes equipped with 4 outlets with which you can charge your devices, but removing it each time you need a charge is just a hassle.  Inside you can use either the internal cable channels to plug in your devices or use magnetic charging to refuel your gadgets.  The Organization board not only give each item its own place within the bag but holds them steady when on charge.  You can even access a power port from the outside of the bag and check remaining power with the discrete power bar lights at the base.

If the internal battery begins to run low, open the bag up to reveal a flexible 10w solar panel.  This can extend the charge of the pack during the day until you get to a power source at home for a full recharge.

The amount of charges, from a full battery, by device are impressive!

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 16.06.28


My personal, favorite, feature is the Moovy Go.  An all in one hub consisting Wifi Storage for your data, external battery pack and a port hub.  This is a great and useful feature as you can back up your photos/videos from your phone, while on the go, and never get that ‘storage almost full’ warning.  The Go has a Micro SD slot and there will be a free app released to enable you to move data!  It is not a Wifi hotspot though, hopefully they can incorporate that into a later design or upgrade!



The Bag

On the outside the bag  has Italian leather mixed with an anti scratch and water-resistant canvas.  There are pouches and pockets, some hidden, for every device or document you could possibly own!  You can stow up to a 15″ laptop along with a tablet and your smartphone, and charge them, all at the same time.  The straps can be adjusted so you can go from backpack to messenger, or shoulder and carry in just a matter of moments.

Some of the external pockets do look a little to exposed when being used as a backpack, but that is just a small concern from me on, what otherwise, is a hugely desirable new Smart case on the market!

moovy bag 360 main features


As the Moovy Bag is in a crowdfunding stage, not only can you currently get early bird pricing, but you can opt for different configurations of the bag to suit your requirements.



The Fully Loaded version is currently €271 and the basic bag without any extras is €126.


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