News: Movpak – The Personal Transportation Backpack.


I’m sure most would disagree with me on this being a fully fledged piece of luggage, and I wouldn’t argue that.  Yet, as the site tagline is “Apps, Luggage & Gadgets for the Connected Traveller” there is no denying the Movpak is a radical mix of all three!




This Backpack/electric skateboard/Personal Transportation/Mobile Power Station/Smartcase, could just be the next big thing for commuter tech!  Don’t look on this as just one of the above items, instead a very good all-rounder that has all the bases covered!



Electric Vehicle

To use the Movpak for transportation, it really could not be simpler! Just pull the deck out of the base and place on the ground.  The rear two wheels of the case join up with the front two wheels, completing the standing platform or skateboard.  But unlike your standard skateboard, this one is motorised!

A fully charged battery pack can reach speeds of up to 20MPH and a range of around 14 miles.  That is incredible for a Backpack.  Both of those numbers are dependant on the surface, your weight and weather, but using this at an airport to make a tight connection, yes please!



Returning back to a normal carrying is equally as simple, just step off and fold away.  To operate the Movpak you use the supplied remote control to increase/decrease your speed and body weight to make gentle turns.

The board is made from Kevlar, has a brake light at the rear and headlights to the front, for night-time movements.  This really is an Electric vehicle (EV) in your Backpack.  There is even some very smart tech in the braking system.  The brakes are regenerative, so every time you use them they return charge to the battery.  A full charge from a wall outlet takes 2 hours, so this can be used in your daily commute in both directions!




When you are not street surfing or carving through hoards of people at an airport terminal you will need to carry your Movpak.  If, like me, your first thought was how much does it weight? Well, that has not been published yet!  But the weight will mostly come from the battery and motor.  Kevlar is a very strong but fairly light material.



The battery is not just for the motors.  With a USB port you can charge your devices, and with built-in wireless charging, just put your phone into the side pocket and keep it charged all day long.


I’d like to cover all the features on the Movpak, and despite the full specifications have not been released as yet, what you do get for your money, apart from a fully functional EV, is one of everything you would find on any other smart backpack on the market today.  Just look at this list!




The Movpak is currently only available for preorder.  After running a successful Indigogo campaign, production of the 1st generation Movpak and being manufactured for the early backers.



All of the above, of which there is a lot, and an Electric vehicle is $1,190 and can be preordered direct from Movpak.

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