News: My Jurni – How Teens Should Travel!


When it comes to the family vacation, keeping everyone happy is part of the fun/struggle/problem/argument* (delete as appropriate for your household).  I often cover devices or luggage either for adults or younger members of the family, but very rarely for the teens!

Now there is a carry-on aimed at the teen market, that  is designed to give them that grown up feeling, looks good enough to be ‘cool’ and functional enough for them to carry their own unnecessary items belongings!


My Jurni

The team that created, and gave the world, the Trunki ride on case for toddlers, has addressed a gap in the market; a Carry-on Case for the ‘Tweens’ to teens age bracket, and what a job they have done!



The Jurni can be used as a carry-on whilst travelling and a secure locker/cupboard for once you have arrived.  Designed to be pulled, pushed and even ridden on, thanks to the  strong polyproplylene outer shell.  Therefore, like its predecessor, it can be sat on and is capable of supporting up to 100kg in weight! At the bottom are two sets of wheels, the normal pair for pulling the case along, and then an ‘inline’ pair for pushing or riding it.  The base of the case is encapsulated with a scuff plate to protect it.


At the top is a 2-in1- pod.  In normal use, it acts as a quick access pocket for valuables or travel documents, but can be removed from the case and used as a ‘portable pod’ when something smaller is needed with out the case!

On the inside is 25l of storage space, with a handy false bottom.  The base lifts up to reveal a secret compartment but also sits half way up the case to act as a divider.  So, once you are at your destination, move the base up into the shelf position and the case becomes a bedside locker!


Why Buy Now

Jurni began life as a crowdfunded creation over on Indiegogo, and began shipping in April 2016.  The case comes in Cobalt Blue, Fusion Pink or Magma Red and is priced at £79 direct from the MyJurni website.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 18.27.10.png

Before you go off to buy the case, take a look at the current promotion Jurni is running!  For £89, just £10 more than the stand alone case, you can get the following bundle:

  • 1 x Jurni Ultimate Case
  • 1 x 2,200mAh Power Pack w/Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Pod Protector
  • A Pair of Jurni Sunglasses
  • 1 x Wash Bag
  • 1 x Organiser Set

This is a brilliant deal and a highly desirable carry-on for any teenager this summer!

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