News: Agazzi The Urban Backpack With Fingerprint Lock

The elegantly crafted Agazzi Backpack // Image Agazzi.

Agazzi The Urban Backpack With Fingerprint Lock

Smart luggage is a tag given to many different cases, but the Agazzi Urban Backpack might have more of a claim to the title than most!

In style, design, security, power, safety and storage, it’s smart. Very smart!

A Backpack that has more to offer than just great style // Image Agazzi.


Outside, the styling is slick with smooth curved edges, broken only by the main zipper compartment, and, thanks to the padding and internal structure, the Backpack always retains its eye-catching style!

It’s finished in a durable and water-resistant Nylon Fabric that keeps the 23l of storage space dry and works well with the leather trim. But there is one unique feature on the outside that stands out! A built-in fingerprint reader!

Secure belongings with a touch of your finger // Image Agazzi.

Agazzi is an item of exceptional quality, a backpack of superior design. Every element meticulously toiled over and tested to ensure it can withstand the toughest treatment. Packed with innovative functional features to make your everyday life better.
~ Agazzi

Powered by its own small battery, the fingerprint scanner can be programmed to recognise up to 10 different prints and will last for around 900 scans in between charges!


When locked, it secures a retractable steel cable through the zippers and into the base of the scanner. If you miss the flashing LED notifying you the scanner is running low on power, a quick 5-minute charge via the front-facing USB port is all you need for the scanner to work again!

The Agazzi Backpack has two main compartment and over 15 different pockets for storage including a dedicated sunglasses pouch, an RFID hidden pocket and quick access sections on the straps for travel cards.

15+ pockets are in this picture! // Image Agazzi.

At the back is a padded laptop section that can hold up to a 16″ notebook or tablet and a smaller sleeve for tablets or E-Readers.

There are two models being launched; Liberty and Pro. Both come with the integrated fingerprint locking system but attach your own power pack to the Pro and everything becomes much clearer!


Concealed within the Pro are two sets of lights. On the top lip inside the backpack is an internal white light that remains lit for 5 minutes once turned on, helping you to search through your belongings.

A little light goes a long way // Image Agazzi.

At the base on the outside is a rear-facing external red light that will remain lit for 60 minutes once on. It has either a solid or flashing light mode and is perfect for those who commute by bicycle!

Both lights are powered by a power pack which Agazzi have chosen not to include so you will have to provide your own. The good news here is that any brand/make/size will work with the Agazzi Pro.


Often I see Backpacks lose some of their potential capacity due to extra padding or reinforcements just so the pack can maintain its posture. The Agazzi keeps a generous 23l of space and its stylish form.

  • Dimensions – 450 x 285 x 175mm
  • Weight –
    • Liberty – 1.35kg
    • Pro – 1.45kg
  • 23l Capacity
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Rear Luggage Strap
  • Internal pass-thru for Power Cables
  • Ergonomic Designed Straps & Padded Backplate
How Much does the Agazzi The Urban Backpack Cost?

This is the first product from Agazzi Design and they have chosen to launch it on the Indiegogo platform.

As with all crowdfunding products, the earlier you back the less you’ll have to pay. The prices above were both on offer at time of this article being published and shipping is expected to begin in September 2019.

// Media Agazzi Design YouTube Channel.
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Style over substance or a perfect mix of both? As Backpack designs go, it is hard to argue that the Agazzi Urban Backpack isn’t a beautiful case to look at!

Would you feel secure with exposed zippers locked by a fingerprint locking mechanism? There are plenty of Backpacks putting security at the heart of their designs today. Where does the Agazzi rank for you?

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  1. Wow! Decent looking bag with loads of practical extras! Wondering if this could be a contender for travelling around with an Oculus Quest… interesting…It could well be – especially with the added security measures 🙂 #MyPrecious #QuestCountdown

    • I’d guess padding and security will be high on the list of features needed to protect such precious cargo? ????

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