Proving that pops of colour or a drastic design change is needed, the new Carl Friedrik All-Black Luggage cases transform the original into an even more desirable must-have travel item.

Carl Friedrik All-Black luggage.  {tech} for Travel.
Credit Carl Friedrik
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Carl Friedrik All Black-Luggage

There’s no denying my fondness towards Carl Friedrik’s luggage. In the last 12 months, it topped my Best Travel Gadget list for 2022 with the exceptional Carry-On Pro. Then, in October, in partnership with F1 team Scuderia AlphaTauri, a Limited Edition Navy Blue Carry-On was released.

Since then, I’ve considered the Carl Friedrik x Scuderia AlphaTauri Limited Edition one of, if not the most eye-catching Carry-ons currently available.

That was until the London-based premium luggage brand released its latest colourway in a new All-Black.

New Carl Friedrik All-Black Carry-On Pro

The colour that’s forever in vogue. Made for high-flying business travellers, style-conscious creatives and everyone in between.

Carl Friedrik

Simple yet Stunning

As is often the case with new colourway-only releases, there is little to no change with the model itself, and that is the situation with the two Carl Friedrik models that have been adorned with the new All-Black colourway.

From the four standard models Carl Friedrik has in its range of suitcases, only the Carry-On Pro and the Large Check-In have received the new stealth-styled colourway.

Previously, Carl Friedrik added a pop of colour to these two cases on the handles and mock luggage straps that run around the cases. All three handles and the strap are finished in black, matching the hard shell exterior.

Even the aluminium frame that runs along each opening edge into the two TSA-approved locks are black, resulting in a triple black silhouette that will turn heads without any bold colours.

The inside is finished with grey polyester lining and a single compression pad. Adding a second is an optional extra.

Carl Friedrik All-Black Carry-On Pro.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Carl Friedrik

Specifications // Carl Friedrik All-Black Range

Carry-On ProLarge Check-In
38 x 55 x 25cmDimensions53.5 x 72 x 33.5cm
Silent Japanese spinner
Silent Japanese spinner
TSA Approved
TSA Approved

Price // Carl Friedrik All-Black Range

The new All-Black colourway from is $565/£445 for the Carry-On Pro and $695/£565 for The Large Check-In.

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