In case you hadn’t noticed, the United Kingdom has just rolled out all its pomp and ceremonial expertise for the crowning of King Charles III. To mark this historic occasion, travellers can now purchase the new Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection of cases.

Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection, 4-wheel Carry-On case.  {Tech} for Travel.  Https://
4 Wheel Carry on Credit Globe Trotter
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Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection

As a brand, Globe-Trotter is well-versed in unique and well-tailored collections such as its Safari and Carbon Fibre sets. These are further expanded with brand collaborations with the James Bond Franchise or the recent coming together with the Californian desert resort city for the Palm Springs Collection.

However, Globe-Trotter’s latest collection comes with a Royal Seal!

Well, the new King Charles III emblem, to be correct, marking his Coronation and the official start to his reign as King of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms.

The emblem bears a technological connection to its name, thanks to its designer, Sir Johny Ive KBE. You may recognize the name as he was the key creative mind behind Apple for over two decades, responsible for the iconic look and functionality of the company’s devices that we still see today.

Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection for King Charles. {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Globe Trotter

Royal Cases

This Special Collection comprises four cases from the Globe-Trotter line-up and has been given a royal facelift inspired by the colours from the Union Jack flag.

Making up the collection is the two and four-wheel-based Carry-On and Check-In options, all matching the same specifications as the standard style casings.

The external vulcanised fibreboard body that sets Globe-Trotter cases apart from other premium cases is finished in an off-white Ivory colourway and is complemented by dark Navy Blue leather corner protectors with matching side and top case handles.

Around the exterior are dual rich red buckled belts held in place with brilliant white leather straps that offer additional security to the case, along with the two TSA-approved carbon steel locks.

All four models boast a telescopic handle that retracts into the case; however, the two-wheel models store the mechanism on the outside of the case to provide the maximum amount of space inside.

Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection with King Charles III Emblem.  {Tech} for Travel.
Credit Globe Trotter

Externally the cases are finished with King Charles III Coronation Emblem in the centre of the front panel. The emblem matches the same Navy & Red colours, and if you look closely at it, you’ll see the crest is made up of the four national flowers from each of the nations making up the United Kingdom; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Encapsulating our heritage and commitment to British craftsmanship, the Coronation Special collection takes its inspiration from the Union Jack and is brought to life in our iconic two and four-wheel Centenary silhouettes.


Luxury Lining

On opening any of the four cases, owners a greeted by a sea of Royal Navy lining and the same rich red used for the webbing straps to offer stability to the belongings.

Another difference between the two and four-wheeled models can be seen inside, where the two-wheel-based cases offer storage on only one side, with a more flat top on the other. Whereas the four-wheel-based cases both have dual storage compartments and an additional set of webbing straps.

All four cases are completed with a gold-embossed leather logo patch in honour of His Majesty King Charles III’s coronation on the 6th of May, 2023.

Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection Check-In case.  {Tech} for Travel.
2 Wheel Check In Credit Globe Trotter
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Specifications //Coronation Special

2-Wheel Carry-On4-Wheel Carry-On2-Wheel Check-In4-Wheel Check-In
Dimensions58 x 42 x 21cm42 x 56 x 21cm82 x 48 x 25cm52 x 76 x 26cm
Trolley Length100cm100cm98.5cm100cm
Ideal Trip2-3 Day2-3 Day14 Day14 Day
Price$2,445 | £1,795$2,445 | £1,795$3,245 | £2,395$3,245 | £2,395

Price //Coronation Special

Prices start at $2,445/£1,795 for the 2 & 4-wheeled Carry-On cases and rise to $3,245/£2,395 for the two Check-In options. All of the cases in the Globe-Trotter Coronation Special Collection are handmade to order, with a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

An additional week is required for any further customisation required, at an extra $195/£125.

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