Impetro Gear Modular Backpacks Go Live on Kickstarter

Mountain hikes with the Impetro gear modular backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
Adventure Travel with the new Impetro Gear Backpacks // Image Impetro Gear.

Impetro Gear Mountain Sports Backpacks

I always say different is better and Impetro Gear has certainly set out to prove that statement true with its new line of modular sports backpacks.

If you’re an outdoor adventure traveller or have a need for the slightly more extreme of sports then this system could be for you.

Impetro gear modular backpacks. {Tech} for Travel.
The Full Modular 3 Pack System // Image Impetro Gear.


The Impetro Gear packs come in Bike, Ski and Mountain configurations. And these names are more than just a marketing term for small, medium and large.

Each one has its own unique features to serve the activity for which it was named after. But what sets Impetro apart from other packs is its X-Harness base webbing which transfers across all its backpacks.

We always wanted a versatile, ergonomic and fully featured backpack for all our mountain sports. We finally developed our own concept because nothing on the market fulfilled our wishes.

Impetro Gear
X-Harness Base Unit

At the centre of each Impetro Gear Modular Backpacks is the X-Harness, a base unit for which each pack can be mounted to depending on your activity or space requirements.

X-Harness base unit. {Tech} for Travel.
It even looks comfortable! // Image Impetro Gear.

This is an interesting concept because it allows the straps and back panel to mould better to your body shape over time. Which in turn lends for a more comfortable fit when on the move.

The shoulder straps point inwards to form an ‘X’ shape across the chest, fastened by a quick-release magnetic buckle. Impetro claim this gives a better distribution of weight and allows for easier arm movement.

On the straps are 3 adjustment points. At the top to adjust load, on the chest for a better ergonomic hold and over the torso for a better fit.

Magnetic backpack buckle. {Tech} for Travel.
X-Harness in action // Media Impetro Gear.

Despite being the base for which each backpack sits, the X-Harness does have its own storage.

The adjustable waist strap is home to a quick access pocket and the back panel has dedicated pockets for a water bladder and a back protection panel. Both are optional extras.

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For security, every Base_Unit has an always-on Recco System embedded into it. If you are lost or caught under an avalanche, any search & rescue team in the world who use the system can find you.

An easy system for swapping packs // Media Impetro Gear.

Attaching the Base_Unit to any of the Packs is as simple as zipping them together which provides a secure connection around the whole of the pack.

The Bike_Pack

If mountain biking excursions or cycling for your daily commute is your thing then the Bike_Pack hopes to help you along the way.

The 15L Bike_Pack // Image Impetro Gear.

This is a 15L capacity backpack with bespoke external, easily accessible pockets for items such as a pump or tool kit.

At the top of the pack is a fleece-lined pocket for goggles or to act as a quick access pouch if needed. To the front of the pack are two further pockets for smaller items.

Each of the three packs has external strapping unique to their purpose. For the Bike_Pack has dedicated knee Pad straps on either side of the backpack and a front-mounted Helmet strap.

The Ski_Pack

Moving up a size, and sport is the Ski_Pack. This 22L capacity pack shares the same tapered shape as the Bike_Pack.

Impetro Gear in the snow. {Tech} for Travel.
Designed in the Austrian heartland of skiing the Ski_Pack should never let you down // Image Impetro Gear.

The Ski_Pack has a back opening rather than a central top one which is something seen on many of the new secure backpacks coming on to the market.

However, where the back panel usually has a laptop sleeve, the Ski_Pack has slot pockets for safety equipment. Putting what you may need urgently, straight in front of you.

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At the top of the backpack is the same fleece-lined goggle pocket but there is a big difference in the external straps.

Impetro Gear has designed the strap system to support Skis, in either an upright or diagonal carry hold, and can even support a snowboard. To the left-hand side on the front is a set of pole holders.

The Mountain_Pack

At 33L, the Mountain_Pack is the largest pack option from Impetro Gear and gives you two options on how to access the space.

Mountain and hiking backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
22L Mountain_Pack looks stunning & a serious piece of kit all in one // Image Impetro Gear.

As with most hiking packs, it has the standard top entry point or the zip can continue down the length of the backpack to create a wider opening on the side.

Where internally the Mountain_Pack is a large space, externally there is plenty more detail.

There are top and side quick-access pockets, strapping for tools & poles and two sets of loop webbing, one on either side of the pack.


Each Impetro Gear Modular backpack has been built for a specific purpose, however, across the range they all share the same build quality.

  • Weatherproof 600D Nylon & 240D PE Materials
  • EVA Breathable Padding
  • Reflective Print Graphics
  • Recco Advanced Rescue Technology (Base_Unit mounted only)
  • Rain Cover
X-Harness Base_Unit
Dimensions (cm)
Weight (g)
1.5 + 2
Weight (g)
Harness + Pack
How Much Does the Impetro Gear Modular Backpack System Cost?

Impetro Gear is a new company based in Salzburg, Austria and has decided to launch its first Modular Sports Backpacks on the Kickstarter platform.

Interestingly, the current pricing structure values each pack the same which could change once the system goes to normal retail.

So if the Impetro Gear does interest you, it is probably best to get on board now.

At the time of writing a Base_Unit with any 1 pack is €180/£156 with 2 packs it will be €250/£216 and for the full system, the price is currently €280/$242.

Shipping is expected to begin in May 2020.

Impetro Gear has indicated they already have 2 further packs in the works, an Urban and Photo model.

Both of which will be compatible with the X-Harness Base_Unit.

// Media Impetro Gear YouTube Channel.
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