News: JetKids BedBox – First Class Travel for Toddlers.



Business & First class travel is a luxury many of us will never have the chance to experience, unless you are in the know, thanks to tipster blogs such as Turning Left for Less! 

So if you find yourself at the back end of the aircraft on your next long haul flight, fear not, as Jetkids have the answer.



Most parents will be familiar with the novelty cases on the market for children.  Some are ride on, others are large on the outside but lack any storage inside and most are never robust enough to endure more than a few trips before falling apart.

The BedBox, however is different!  Not only does it give sufficient storage, is ride on and steerable but it also transforms any economy aircraft seat into a lay flat bed!




Case to Bed in 5 Steps

As always normal safety rules apply when travelling in any aircraft.  The BedBox should be stowed under the seat in front of your child for take off, landing and periods of turbulence or when the seatbelt sign is on.



  1. Lift – Place case in front of your childs seat/gap in their foot well. Press buttons and lift lid.
  2. Turn – Turn lid over and adjust the height according to the seats height and position in the desired place.
  3. Secure – The strap is removed from the case and can be used to secure the suitcase to the aircraft seat structure in front.  It can then be clipped back on to the BedBox to lock the case in place.
  4. Pull – The surface of the lid now facing upwards can now pull out.  This extension plate moves towards the seat in front providing a fully flat surface.
  5. Enjoy your flight – Add the roll out mattress and padded side cushions.




Design & Storage

The aviation inspired outer shell is sturdy and purpose made; not only for the bed transformation, but when in use around the terminal.

The clip on strap used to fasten when in bed mode is also the pulling strap, used to guide the Bedbox around the airport while you child rides on top.

Rather than the normal fixed wheels, the BedBox has 2 swivel wheels at the front of the case and two fixed at the rear.  This helps with maneuvering while your child is riding on it.




The slight indents on either side of the case enable the child to rest their feet on the case instead of dragging them along making it harder for you to pull the case behind you.


  • Weight only 3kg including mattress
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 46cm x 20cm x 36cm
  • Washable mattress (Hand wash & air dry)
  • 20 litre volume
  • Universal, and fits most standard economy seats
  • Maximum user weight: 35 kg


Inside the BedBox you will find 20l of storage space, although you will lose some of this to the mattress and side cushions, all of which roll up and flat pack down.  So it is only a minimal amount of space you would lose.




JetKids claim the BedBox is suitable for children aged 3 years onwards but not beyond 35kg (6/7 years old).  It should also not be affected if the person in front reclines their seat.


This has been tested on many different economy seats with a normal recline angle. Since the platform height of the BedBox® is so low, and close to the rotation/hinge point of the backrest of the seat in front, this will usually not be a problem.




The BedBox is £129/€159/$169 direct from JetKids.  You can find out more on the JetKids YouTube Channel to see it in action!




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