Secure & Stylish Backpack Design with the New Korin ClickPack X

Korin ClickPack X being worn going up an escalator. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>The New Korin ClickPack X Backpack Image Korin Design<em>

Korin ClickPack X Backpack

It’s fair to say it has been a very quiet but productive couple of years, as Korin finally returns to Kickstarter with its latest backpack, the ClickPack X.

And it looks brilliant!

Korin ClickPack X backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>A modern secure backpack Image Korin Design<em>


It’s easy to see the similarities in the ClickPack X from its predecessors; the ClickPack And FlexPack Pro backpacks.

There’s no mistaking it as a Korin backpack yet the new modern design sets it apart from the previous models.

On the outside, the backpack has been crafted from a stronger cut-proof and water-resistant fabric than Korin has used previously. But the fabric strength hardly stands out on what is otherwise a very smooth and curved finish.

More than 80% of the surface area is cut-proof fabric, a 30% increase from ClickPack Pro.

Korin Design
Minimalist Outside, Storage Galore Inside

Unlike many security-focused backpacks, the ClickPack X does have an obvious entry point on the top. But when opened, the magnetically fastened top flap reveals a zipper section that’s secured with a TSA approved lock.

Even the water bottle pouch to the right of the pack swallows up the bottle to snap back into place, maintaining that minimal style. But this could present an issue for some.

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The bottle is stored inside of the pack, which takes up some of the 18L storage capacity. And then there is the small matter of taking a bottle out when the pack is being worn!

From the launch video, it just looks a bit awkward! But that’s hardly a show stopper.

Concealed TSA Approved lock. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>TSA Approved Lock Image Korin Design<em>

Inside the ClickPack X, are 8 pockets to provide order to your belongings when on the move.

A Home for Each Device

The backpack has 3 opening options providing various amounts of access to the internal space.

Top only, the standard unzipped for normal use, or if you want full access, tear apart the velcro webbing joints for a 180º clamshell opening.

Opening the backpack clamshell style. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Full Access to all the Pockets Media Korin Design<em>

On the back panel are padded sleeves for up to a 15.6″ laptop and 10.6″ tablet. This side is completed with an accessories pocket on the front of the padded sleeve perfect for a power adapter.

The bulk of the storage is to the front of the ClickPack X. Wrapped around the internal space are a further 5 pockets for storage including one for a power pack.

Easy Access Power

From the internal pocket designed for your power pack, Korin has installed its EasyCharging 3.0 system.

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A USB cord that runs from the pocket, along the internal structure of the backpack and onto the right shoulder strap. The port is presented into a wrap pocket so you can attach whichever cable you need and store it in the strap for quick access on the go.

Font and back of the ClickPack X backpack.  {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Minimal Front Back Image Korin Design<em>

It wouldn’t be a security-focused backpack without some concealed pockets, and the ClickPack X has 3 of them. There is a small travel card holder on the left shoulder strap, which has RFID blocking technology.

At the base, is a larger quick access pocket for travel documents, your passport and tickets.

Finally, there is a quick stuff pouch at the very top of the pack which has a magnetic fastening. There’s a retractable wire coil that works with the Zip-lock to secure the bag to a chair or table and a grab handle.

expandable wire coil adds security to the backpack. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Expandable Wire Coil for added security Image Korin Design<em>


Korin, for me, has the styling spot on with the ClickPack X Backpack. Internally, the pockets have been designed considerately for the majority of devices most often used today.

A lack of a luggage strap is an issue, but if the backpack is for a daily commute only, it will not be missed by many.

Throughout the backpack, you will find the, now commonplace, Korin icons and graphics. These little touches and attention to details are what really put Korin ahead in the design stakes.

  • Dimensions – 44 x 31 x 14.5cm
  • Weight – 1200g
  • Colour Options – Black Only
  • Capacity – 18L
  • Cut-Proof Polyester Outer, Fabric inner
  • Water-Resistant
  • TSA & Wire Coil Locking Systems
  • EasyCharging 3.0 Chord & Port
How Much Does the Korin ClickPack X Cost?

As with its previous items of luggage Korin is starting the ClickPack X on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, the ClickPack X can be purchased for $99 at an early bird rate.

The next price point once those have gone is $109. At retail, the ClickPack X will be $198.

For Kickstarter purchased backpacks the shipping is due to happen in December 2019.

If you like any of the other pieces in the Korin range you can get 20% off thanks to our unique code.

Just use the link or enter “KORIN2018-TECHFORTRAVEL” at the checkout.

// Media Korin Design YouTube Channel.
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