News: LAT_56 Back-Pack Updated to 1.2.



What I like about the range from Lat_56 is that they do not offer a mass of unimaginative luggage, instead a small and near perfectly formed selection of business cases and accessories.

I have covered them several times on the site before, and will shortly publish my review on their RW_01 carry on case.

Instead of a constant stream of new products, the team at Lat_56 do a great job at tweaking their existing products to improve, on what are already, brilliantly designed and desirable items.


LAT_56 BP_01.2 Back-Pack

Following on from the update on the 2 wheeled Road Warrior case to _01.1 in June last year, the next product to get an upgrade is the Back-Pack.




The Back-Pack, as with all Lat_56 products, is made from Military-spec moulded EVA foam and a durable waterproof nylon fabric.  It can hold a laptop up to 15.6″ in size and keeps it away from the main compartment of the pack to avoid scratches or scuffs.


Engineered to the requirements of the business traveller, it acts as a shield for the modern commuter’s tools of the trade. It offers a unique and practical clamshell opening with a bombproof NASA-spec memory foam laptop compartment (sizes up to 15.6″), large main compartment with document pocket, 2 side pockets and an airport security checkpoint friendly laptop compartment. Now you can travel on business in comfort and still look the part.




I find some of the marketing jargon leaning more to the masculine side, but their entire range are unisex!

There are just 2 improvements on the _0.12 this time around.


Smart Sleeve

I was certain this was already on it’s predecessor, but what do I know?  Regardless, this feature is often overlooked by most business packs, yet it is one of the most useful to have!

The Smart Sleeve allows you to slide the Back-Pack down on to the telescopic handle of your carry on/checked in suitcase, making it easier to navigate the airport and allows you to keep all your luggage in front of you when in a queue.




Shoulder Straps

A good pair of shoulder straps can make or break any Back-Pack.  The _01.2 now comes with improved straps which will be good news to those who try to do overnight trips with just their Back-Packs.

Although most technology (laptops/Tablets/Chargers) today are getting slimmer and lighter, when added to the contents of most people’s Back-Packs, it can feel like a large increase to the overall weight.  All of which is taken on by the shoulder straps!




The improved Lat_56 BP_01.2 Back-Pack is on Pre-order and will begin shipping in May 2017, although an exact date is still to be confirmed.


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