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NOVI Smart luggage range. {Tech} for Travel.
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NOVI Smart Luggage

***Editors Note: This product is no longer available due to copyright infringement. If you invested in the NOVI Smart case {Tech} for Travel suggests you contact either Kickstarter or Indiegogo***

NOVI claim that their new Aluminium Smart Luggage range is the world’s most advanced.

Some would argue the styling is very similar to that of another luggage brand. There’s no doubt though, that the NOVI is a very aesthetically pleasing piece of luggage.

NOVI finished in Black Aluminium. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>NOVI finished in Black Aluminium Image NOVI<em>


There are two cases in the new range. A carry-on called Citus and a larger check-in case named Altas. Although they differ in size, the styling and features are the same.

Based on the concept of functional and aesthetic design, NOVI has combined the perfect mix between technology and convenience. NOVI empowers travellers to maximize their experience abroad.
~ NOVI Trip

Security First

It’s all the rage on Smart luggage at present, but it now seems a TSA approved fingerprint scanner is a must-have for cases in 2019. But, the NOVI sets itself apart from others by having a contingency scanner.

Instead of using the physical scanner on the side of your case, you can open the NOVI app and use the scanner on your smartphone.

Fingerprint scanner on smart luggage. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Only you and the TSA can open the NOVI Image NOVI<em>

The scanner is powered by a rather small 700mAh power pack that is removable for airport security. But more importantly, can be replaced by your own larger one.

This would then give the front-facing USB port more purpose and oomph to charge your smartphone or tablet on the go.

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Avoid Airport Fees

A feature that will save you many $$$ at the airport is the built-in digital scale.

Using the app as a display and having your smartphone connected to the case over Bluetooth, turn the case on its side. The NOVI then calculates the weight of your belongings + the case to make sure you never overpack.

NOVI has a built-in digital scale. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>Know your weight with built in Digital Scale Image NOVI<em>
Never Lose your Case Again

NOVI state both cases come with GPS Location Tracking, which is a great way to track your lost luggage. But, I feel this is a bit misleading.

There is no mention of a SIM slot or data fees for either model, which suggests it’s more probably Bluetooth tracking. But, this is still a useful feature.

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Usually, with Bluetooth trackers in luggage, you can mark your case as missing, and when another NOVI user is near to it, you are notified. This will provide you with a pinpoint location of where your case is.

Internal space with compression boards. {Tech} for Travel.
<em>The sleek design continues inside Image NOVI<em>

To assist you with a more organised case and make use of the internal space, both compartments come with a compression panel and straps.

On each panel is a pocket big enough for a notebook or tablet. Based on the media images, they don’t have enough padding for somewhere I’d keep those devices

Finally, the app will be available on Android and Apple stores once released.


Both cases have a premium style and for the (early bird) price they appear to be a great purchase. I’d like to see more clarity around the GPS tracker though.

  • NOVI Citus
    • Dimensions – 39 x 20 x 50cm
    • Weight – 4.1kg
    • Capacity – 35l
  • NOVI Altas
    • Dimensions – 52 x 26 x 72cm
    • Weight – 5.9kg
    • Capacity – 97l
  • 7-Stage Telescopic Handle
  • Removable 700mAh Battery Pack
  • Integrated Digital Weight Scale
  • External USB Port for ‘On The Go’ Charging
How Much Does the Novi Smart Luggage Range Cost?

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, where NOVI raised nearly $400k of backing, they have launched on Indiegogo.

At the time of writing, there is still early bird offers available on both the Citus and Altas.

  • Novi Citus Early Bird $149 (RRP $359)
  • Novi Altas Early Bird $169 (RRP $399)

As Smart luggage pricing goes, these early bird offers are very attractive! NOVI expects to ship for both models to begin in October 2019.

// Media NOVI Trip YouTube Channel.
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  1. “Usually, with Bluetooth trackers in luggage, you can mark your case as missing, and when another NOVI user is near to it, you are notified.”…umm…to say “usually” implies this does something different, but it sounds like it’s exactly like tile.

    • Well I think it does do something different to what the makers are suggesting. Claiming it to have GPS Tracking rather than a Bluetooth tracker that can operate in the same manner as a Tile is misleading. A GPS luggage tracker would normally have a monthly or annual SIM fee with it.

  2. Let’s address the elephant in the room. They’ve knocked off the appearance of Rimowa but with worthless features and 80% cheaper. They spend lots of energy addressing the “wow” factor of useless tech but don’t address the most important issues. How sturdy is it? If they want to knock off Rimowa, go ahead and do a direct comparison. The wheels look small and junky. The dude in the video uses is as a two wheeler over many surfaces – something that one only does it the wheels aren’t great. The handle telescopes but looks cheap and not likely to support an add-a-bag feature. Bluetooth and battery are great but completely meaningless if the bag isn’t good.

    • The features are only worthless if they are not ones you would use, some might. I’m with you on the appearance though. There are a few others that have done the same. But none of them can match Rimowa for their near indestructible build quality.

    • They were shut down by court order is my understanding. The article has been updated and left live to make others aware of the situation.

      • Can’t see any reference in your article to the update that they were shut down due to the court order. Wouldn’t it be more informative/honest to lead with that disclaimer. Your story suggests it is still legit

      • There is an editor note in Red at the very start of the article informing readers of the matter. If I gain any further confirmed information I will gladly share it here so others can be made aware.

  3. NOVI has just disappeared and KickStarter is not refunding… but Indiegogo is…
    NOVI is a scammer has they have disappeared…
    #noviluggage #noviscam #crowdfunding #scam #kickstarter

  4. Novi is a scam! they took my money and disappeared from Kickstarter and they are not responding to anyone! they just took the money and left!

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